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50 Cheap Spring Break Ideas for the Whole Family


Yep, spring break is right around the corner. If you were looking for some fun and cheap spring break activities for your kids and the whole family, but you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money- this post is for you.   We tend to enjoy fun on the budget in our family and some of the ideas listed below are things we have tried and things we plan on doing for spring break this year.


50 Cheap Spring Break Ideas for the Whole Family


  1. Get the garden ready
  2. Have a monopoly tournament or board game tournament over several days
  3. Have a party with other families
  4. Take a mini vacation- check out Groupon first and use Ebates to save some more money!
  5. Sit down and create your must do list for the summer
  6. Have a giant slumber party
  7. Spring clean
  8. Start decluttering your home- use these printables to help you get organized.
  9. Get your house ready to sell- if you are planning on listing it:)
  10. Complete a project around the house
  11. Have a water balloon fight
  12. Complete a really big puzzle-1000 or more pieces
  13. Go to a local historical site
  14. Create a really long scavenger hunt
  15. Paint a chalk wall in your house and let the kids go nuts
  16. Create life sized games like Angry Birds, Scrabble or a Giant Slip and Slide
  17. Have a neighborhood basketball tournament
  18. Go to a drive in movie theater
  19. Go to a movie matinee with the kids
  20. Watch a high school game like basketball
  21. Host back yard team olympics with made up sports like tug of war
  22. Host a party with a grilled pizza theme- everyone brings their own toppings and the most creative pizza idea wins
  23. Check out the cheapest places to travel to before booking a vacation, then check out Groupon for deals and Ebates to get your cash back.  Can you tell I love Ebates…  And Groupon?
  24. Redecorate the kids’ rooms.  Have them help paint and get it all done while on spring break- this is what I am going for this year:)
  25. Crafts.  Kids seriously dig crafts.  Dedicate a whole day to letting your kiddos just get creative!
  26. Have your kids meal plan for the day and have them help in the kitchen
  27. Go buy new swimsuits for the kids and plan all the pools and waterparks you will visit over the next year.  Go to Groupon first before booking a hotel. Do you see a theme here?
  28. Visit the zoo or a farm
  29. Start landscaping. Do the basics like picking up leaves, etc.
  30. Start building an outdoor play area for the kids.  This is on my to do list if I can get some help.  This is the one I want to build. When I say I, I totally mean my friend Jered….hehehe.
  31. Go to the park.  Try a new park
  32. Feed some birds or ducks
  33. Visit the humane society
  34. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  35. Sleep outside in a tent.  If your weather is nice.  Ohio will probably still be cold.
  36. Play soccer with the kids.  Or their favorite sport
  37. Fly a kite.  Kids love this stuff!
  38. Make a bird house.
  39. Check Home Depot for kid project day.  Yep, they actually have days where they host kids to come in and build something.  So cool!
  40. Have a picnic. You can do this indoors or outdoors and it is just as much fun either way.
  41. Go to an open house in a new neighborhood.  It is fun to dream
  42. Visit a flea market or farmer’s market
  43. Create a DIY chalkboard table like this one.  I love this one!
  44. Start a chore chart for your kids with a reward system of some kind.
  45. Build a lego table like this one
  46. Create a maze in your home.  Here is one to give you an idea.
  47. Make a bike car wash.  This is so cute!
  48. Have a date day with your kids one at a time.  This is so fun to spend individual time with each kiddo.
  49. Work on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day crafts
  50. Have family pictures done

Family fun during spring break doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just get a little creative this year. If you have some big projects you want to get done, include the kids.  Make it fun for them and they will be more likely to want to help out.

What do you have planned for spring break this year?

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