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Hi!  My name is Becky and I am so happy  you stopped by! 

Welcome to Simply Intentional Life and thanks for stopping by!

If you are like most Moms, you feel overwhelmed, stressed about money, would love to find a balance between family and work, and would love to pursue your dreams.  You know that there has to be more to life than this, but right now you just want to keep your head above water.  I totally understand Mama!

As Moms it is so hard for us to find balance, happiness, live a healthy life and follow our dreams all at the same time.  I get it, I really do.

What if there was a way to simplify your life?  What if you could find ways to eat better that didn’t seem overwhelming?  What if you could start a budget and get your finances on track once and for all?  What if you could find time to achieve your dreams?

Simply Intentional Life was started to help Moms make intentional choices with their health, money and life.




A Little About Me:

First and foremost, I am a Christian woman who believes that my life has a purpose and it was designed by a loving and gracious God.  I am also a wife, a mom to 2 wonderful little boys, a Physician Assistant and a Real Estate Investor.   I’m also happy to say that I am a reformed shopaholic and sugar addict although that didn’t happen overnight.

After my first child, I was desperate to lose the baby weight I had gained.  I started to study everything nutrition and I not only lost the baby weight but lost an additional 15 pounds on top of the 40 pounds I gained during the pregnancy!  I have been able to keep it off by knowing how my metabolism works and I have successfully taught others how to do the same thing.

In 2014, my marriage was rocky because of our finances.  We constantly fought about money until October 2014 when we ultimately started a budget and paid off over $100,000 worth of debt in just under 2 years.  We are still forging ahead with our financial freedom goals.

My husband and I also started a real estate investing business in 2012 and we have a goal to be debt free in our business as well.  We have a goal to live off the passive income generated from our investments and be able to travel and make awesome memories with our kids.  Real estate investing has quickly become a passion of mine so I share tips on how to start investing in real estate on this blog.

I love to write and I definitely have an entrepreneurial spirit so blogging is also a natural fit for me and I love having a little additional side income that blogging provides.



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What I Do Now:

My passion is helping women realize their potential and realize that they can build the life they dream of. As women, we often lack courage, self-esteem and confidence to pursue our goals.  Not only that, but we often find ourselves so busy with the day to day activities that we don’t allow ourselves the time or we feel too guilty to pursue our passions.

This blog is a place where you will find ways to simplify your life with health, finances and the everyday activities in order for you to achieve a sense of balance to pursue your life goals.

You will also find motivation and inspiration to pursue your dreams and create the life you want.  Gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, having a lack of vision or purpose.  You are here for a reason and you have a purpose my friend.


The biggest turning point in my life in so many ways was when we started to get serious about our debt and really started to strive for financial freedom.  I was finally able to put everything into perspective and put material things aside and focus on my lifelong dreams.
I have a dream that this blog will be a place of inspiration, motivation and will be a catalyst for other women to find their purpose and start living their best life.


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Don’t hesitate to contact me to say hi, share your story or let me know if you have a question.  There are tons of ways to stay up to date on what’s going on at Simply Intentional Life. Like us on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter or hang out with me on Instagram.   You can check out my posts on Pinterest also.  

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