The Simply Intentional Healthy Living Workbook

Are you ready to make your health a priority?  Are you ready to stop dieting and create diet and exercise habits that will last?

Identify your habits!

You will learn why eating multiple times per day is actually good for your metabolism and health.

Improve your health!

Learn the best way to eat!

Stop dieting and focus on making simple, intentional choices that you feel good about. You will learn how to change your habits to make living healthy a way of life.

This 30+ page workbook will help you not only find ways to implement healthy living into your routine, but it will also help you change your habits once and for all.

Make healthy living a way of life!

You will identify any emotional and physical cues that cause you to make unhealthy choices in regards to eating.  You will also learn how to change these cues.


What people are saying

Kaitlin- ""Rebecca has really poured her heart and soul into this workbook and it shows. If you are looking for a way to lose weight, stay fit, and live a healthier lifestyle, then this back to the basics method is perfect! It's like getting to talk to a professional doctor and health coach without paying the high price tag! I've been using her methods for just a short time and I'm already seeing results. I highly endorse this product."   @The Simply Organized Home

Why make these changes now?  What is your driving force?  Whatever it is, you can do it!

Learn how to curb the sugar craving once and for all. You can do it!

Change unhealthy habits

Beat sugar addiction

Identify the unhealthy habits and find ways to change them to healthy habits. Habits can be changed! Let me help you!

Focus on your "WHY"

Improve your health!


This workbook also includes 10 Printables to help you dive in and dig deep to make long lasting changes you can live with.  In addition this workbook includes:

  • The eating schedule I recommend to help you lose weight, have more energy and increase your metabolism
  • Examples of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options
  • 100 Healthy Snack ideas to choose from
  • How to save money on the cost of food
  • How to beat the sugar cravings
  • And lots more!

Sarah- "I was in LOVE with this workbook by the introduction! Becky has a gift of encouraging and equipping you regarding healthy living, but not in a preachy and judgmental way. (You know those people, right?) This workbook is the perfect blend of the encouragement and actionable steps you might get from a session with a personal fitness coach. This is a high quality workbook and I’m excited to make some changes in my own health because of it!!" @The Teacher's Wife