101 Positive Affirmations that Will Change Your Life



Have you ever been a negative Nancy and inside your head all you can think of is how dumb and fat and ugly you are?  Yeah, me too.  I have good news though.  You can get those thoughts out of your head and replace them with something called positive affirmations.  Basically, it is like retraining your brain what to say and manifesting what you want to come true.


I know, you might be thinking that this sounds kinda woo woo, but if you ask me they really work.  I first read about positive affirmations back in 2014 after having my second son.  I remember hearing this guy named Hal Elrod speak on a Podcast I was listening to and immediately, I knew I had to read his book The Miracle Morning.  He was energetic and hilarious and I love books that hold my interest.  Not to mention I was a complete sucker for anything personal development back then (and I still am!).


I grabbed  the book and read it and to be honest, I practiced these woo woo affirmation things for a while and I was like “so I tell myself how awesome I am and I am supposed to believe it?  What kinda kool aid is this guy drinking?”  But then, as I thought about it, if I could replace the thoughts of how dumb and ugly I am, maybe, just maybe, I could do some really cool things with my life.


I started and stopped this Miracle Morning thing a ton of different times.  The thing I can say for certain though is that book helped me explore and find some other absolutely amazing personal development books because his book was so good…. and Hal does some pretty cool stuff with his life.  He is inspiring and that is what I aspire to be.  One of the parts of doing your Miracle Morning is reading and I love to read so I kept doing that for sure (even when I stopped the woo woo affirmations).




Fast forward a couple…. um years… and I still do affirmations, but I have figured out how to do them so they actually work for me.  I use them along with my 90 day goals and something called gratefulness.  When you couple those 2 together, whew…. things start to CHANGE!


This past year has been incredible.  At the end of 2018, I learned how to do these positive affirmation things along with gratefulness and my mindset changed.  I went from “I have to get out of bed today” to “I am so thankful to be alive and I have so many opportunities!”


My “to do list” turned into an “I’m so grateful list” because who actually has this many things in their life that go well.  I know that sounds kinda crazy, but I started being so much more thankful and focused when I started using positive affirmations and gratefulness


Let me tell you what happened this year.  We leveled up in our real estate investing biz and hit a major goal, got our real estate licenses (me and the hubs) and sold 3 properties in a matter of weeks, doubled our party rental business, and I created my own planner that I am using for 2019 (and a bunch of other people:)


What Exactly Is a Positive Affirmation

By definition, an affirmation is a declaration of something true.  It is emotional support or encouragement.  A statement of truth in which you want to absorb.  I love this definition because it explains it so well.

Positive affirmations are something you say over and over so you start believing them.  The purpose is to change a negative way of thinking.

For example, if you have ever tried to lose weight before you may understand this dialogue.

I am killing it!  I have gotten up every day this week and exercised, I have eaten well and I am down 5 pounds!”   Then the weekend rolls around and Monday morning comes…

Stepping on the scale “I gained 3 pounds back!!!!  I am so stupid and fat!  I ate like crap this weekend and now I have to start all over!!!  I’m never going to get to my goal of losing 20 pounds.


Does this sound familiar?


You feel like you make a breakthrough, but when things start going in the opposite direction, you put yourself down.

Positive affirmations help you to retrain your brain to thoughts of “I made a mistake, but I am not the mistake.”  They are ways to retrain your brain so you don’t become the mistake or feel like a failure.


Why Do Affirmations Work?


Affirmations help to reprogram your brain and overcome the negative limiting beliefs you have so that you can become the person you want to become.  If you get up every single morning and repeat your daily affirmations, you eventually start believing them.  You believe that you are capable of achieving your goals, you are more positive, you set your intention for the day and above all else, you just feel better about yourself  For me, I also notice that when I make a mistake, I can return to the affirmations and repeat them and the negative thoughts don’t seem as bad.


It’s almost like I feel free.  I’m free of the thoughts that would sabotage my day.  I’m free of the limiting beliefs that once held me back from achieving big things.


One of my big limiting beliefs was that I’m not smart enough to do big things.  I was very nervous to join the board of a nonprofit because I felt like I didn’t have enough to offer.  I was afraid that the other members of the board would think that I am stupid or not worthy to be on the board. No joke.


After reading The Big Leap, I realized that the idea of joining a governing board was past what Gay Hendricks calls my upper limit and if I didn’t challenge myself I would always remain small.


Fast forward 2 months and I feel like I am worthy of being on the board and I personally think I am a happier person for pushing through that “upper limit” and pushing past my fear and thoughts of shame. (The Big Leap… another great book.  I love the cover of this book…. so cute)


If I had to guess, I bet there is something similar that you feel that holds you back.  Maybe it is negative thoughts or shame or fear.  I can tell you that once you can get past all of that negative crap, you will feel free.  See my planner below… I love it and I am so thankful for the opportunity to create something…. eekk!

If you want to seriously focus on your goals and your mindset is holding you back, you have to try using positive affirmations.


How Do You Effectively Use Positive Affirmations?

If you have never done affirmations before, it may seem a little weird and I get it (woo woo is the term I like to use).  At first, I was like  “So you mean to tell me I have to tell myself how awesome I am…. I need some kool aid first.”


But, they do work if they are done right. 

If you haven’t done them before, you can print out a list of affirmations that I came up with.  Yes, I do need your email list to deliver them, but I won’t harass you… I promise.  I will email these to you and if you don’t want to be on my email list long term, no worries.  You can unsubscribe after you get the freebie.  

In order for affirmations to work, I do recommend that you use them first thing in the morning.  I also recommend that you get up 20-30 minutes earlier because you want to start your day out right and in the right mindset.  If you aren’t a morning person, I’m sorry, but this is important.  Find something else you can attach this too that will be fun like drinking a cup of coffee with some fabulous creamer or something while you do your morning affirmations. 

Next, grab said cup of coffee or tea and your journal or planner and start writing out affirmations like:

I am courageous and bold and I rise to the challenge of change.

I am confident and smart and can achieve any goal I set my mind to.

I am loved and adored by God.

I am healthy and vibrant and I treat my body exceptionally well.

I am kind and patient and I listen to others.

You can also state your dreams here as if they have already happened.  Rachel Hollis uses this practice and she feels it has helped her achieve her big goals.   So for example, if your goal is to become debt free, you would write:

I am debt free and I reap the benefits of the financial growth I have accomplished.

You write it in the past tense because it gets you more excited about the goal.  I am trying this out and I write it under my affirmations section in my planner as well.

In order to feel the affirmations work, you need to repeat them multiple times and when you think a negative thought, you immediately let it pass and then follow it with a positive affirmation.  You have a choice as to whether you believe the negative thought or not.  This is how you control your thinking.  The negative thought does not have to define you or take over your day.  You can simply let it pass, and believe the positive thing you are telling yourself.

It may sound completely weird, but I am telling you that it is possible to control your thoughts.  Every book I have read about affirmations has the same theme behind it.  The affirmations are a way to break the negative limiting beliefs and help you achieve your goals because those beliefs no longer control you. 

This will feel a bit daunting at first and you may not believe me right away, but keep at it.  If you are having a day filled with negative thoughts, try going to a quiet place and meditating or praying for 5 minutes and saying the affirmations to yourself again and list a few things you are grateful for.  That has helped me a ton the last several months. 

You will continue to experience negative or fearful thoughts, but the goal is to not let those thoughts control you.  You can control them and move past them to achieve your goals.  That is what we are working towards!

How Do I know If the Positive Affirmations Are Working?

This is the fun part.  You know if the positive affirmations are working when you realize you are having a negative thought but that thought doesn’t control you.  If you say to yourself something like “I’m so stupid or I’m never going to be the person I want to be” you notice that thought and then you think about positive things to overcome it.  You think about something you learned or something you did that day that gets you closer to the goal you are trying to achieve.  The first way that you notice that the affirmations are working is if you can identify the negative thought and let it pass.  Boom!  You can start to control your thoughts!

This is the first step to feeling free of the negativity.

The second part is really cool too so stay with me.  Once you do this and you notice the thought, you can replace it with something positive and you stay open to other opportunities and possibilities.   Then, you know all those goals and dreams you have?  When the negativity no longer gets to you, you can stay open to all opportunities and possibilities of something new and great coming into your life.  Negativity closes us off to anything good that is trying to happen and staying positive opens us up to endless possibilities.  You actually see other opportunities that maybe you would have skipped over before.

For example, say you are trying to lose weight.  You hit a plateau and the negative thoughts come back.  You almost feel like giving up because this is exactly what happened last time, except, this time you are armed with positive affirmations.  You go about your day telling yourself that you will succeed and not let this bump in the road get to you.  Then you hear someone at work tell you about how they broke through a weight loss plateau with weight lifting. 

You have been a cardio nut and never thought about adding weights to your gym mix.  You decide to give it a try and boom… the next week you are down 3 pounds.  You stayed open to the possibility of something new being added to your life and you gave it a try.  This is a simple example, but we often miss the little clues of something good because we are closed off to the possibility that it could actually help us.

This is totally thrilling because you now have complete control over your thoughts.  When a negative one creeps in, you have a choice as to whether or not you believe it.  Obstacles and struggles then become little baby bumps in the road.  You no longer feel like you are a giant failure when you do something wrong.  The fat jokes you tell yourself and believed, you no longer believe.  The thoughts of how dumb and stupid you are, you don’t believe those anymore.  The thoughts of how broke you are, you can even overcome those with affirmations and gratefulness.   EEEEkkkkkk!  I can’t stand it!  You win over fear and shame and you make the magic happen.



So, if you have big goals for 2019 and you feel like you have been held back because of a negative mindset, please give morning affirmations a try.  Here is a list of 101 positive affirmations you can try on for size and see which ones fit your current mood and goals.  Like I said, I now write them out specifically for my 90 day goals (I write out my 90 day goals in my planner). 


If you have the right focus along with the right mindset, you can literally accomplish anything.  Set realistic goals, stay positive and watch big things happen this year.  And drink the Kool Aid and go along with the positive affirmations:)


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