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Have you ever thought about leaving your current job?  Would you like to stay home more or have more freedom to work from home?  Did you know that there are tons of ways to make money at home?  Did you know that some of the ways listed below can actually replace your 9-5 job?  I am here to tell you that they can.  Some of the jobs listed below are very high paying jobs!

So what are these brilliant ways to make money online you ask?  Well here is the break down:

11 Brilliant Ways to Make Money at Home:


Start a blog

I started blogging as a way to reach more people to talk about finance.  I actually didn’t really think people made much money blogging.  My goal was to talk about a subject that people find very difficult to talk about.  Since starting the blog, I have learned so much from other bloggers and I realize that a full time income is possible from a blog.  If you are interested about how I started my blog (more specific details, you can find a complete tutorial here.)

If you want the list of tools I used to grow my platform, you can find that list here along with other great tools that I absolutely love.  I am making money from my blog and I have been blogging about 6 months.  Just to give you an idea, it isn’t much but it is enough to pay back the money I spent on hosting and some that I spend on courses for blogging.  By the way, I recommend using Bluehost for hosting and you can find out why through my tutorial, or you can sign up with Bluehost here.  Just ask Michelle at Making Sense of Cents.  Her income report is below.  Yes,  Michelle is the boss of affiliate marketing and she definitely knows how to make money at home!

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If you are a blogger and you would like to earn more affiliate income, Michelle recently started a course to help bloggers make more affiliate income.  You can check it out by clicking on my link.  I took it and I am so thankful I did.  I started earning affiliate income a week after signing up.

The first book I read to learn more about blogging was 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight by Ruth Soukup.  It is a free download.  It was the first book I read that I realized you could actually make money blogging.  Ruth is also the founder of Elite Blog Academy which is a course I highly recommend I took it last February and it set an awesome foundation for my blog.  I was able to increase my pageviews to over 40,000 per month in under 6 months of blogging which was nice.  I used the information given in the course to increase my pageviews and now make money from my blog.    EBA is only offered once per year.  If you are interested in getting on the waiting list, you can sign up here.   If blogging is something you are interested in, I highly recommend the course.  It is expensive at $499, but you can use the checklist I put together of 175 Ways to Make Extra Money to start saving for the course now.


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Get paid to take surveys

There are actually several companies that will pay you money to take surveys.  You won’t get rich, but you may make an extra $50-100 per month if you sit down and do about 20 minutes a day of surveys.  The most popular sites are Swagbucks, RewardTV, National Consumer Panel, Digital Voice,  Harris Poll and Survey Junkie.  So you won’t make a ton of money on these sites, but you could easily make and extra $50-$100 per month.   If you want to learn more about each of these sites, read this post about how to make money by taking online surveys.


Sell your stuff on Facebook Virtual Garage Sale sites or Craigslist

For a list of 100 things to sell for money, click here.  What you don’t use, somebody else will.   I have personally sold  a ton of stuff using both Craigslist and Facebook.  Again, this will not make you enough to quit your day job but it does free up money to leverage to start your own business or if you are super good at negotiating, you can actually buy stuff like antiques and “flip” them for a profit.  Yes people do this!  If you are interested in learning more about how to leverage your money, check out a guest post I did on VTX Capital.



Sell your graphic design talents on Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where you find people to create logos or help with graphic design and other creative services.  You get paid to create for other people  If you are good at graphics, check out Fiverr.  This could be a building block for bigger gigs.



Set up a website and host webinars

What are you really good at?  Is is a hobby you can teach other people?  Webinars are a way of making extra money for teaching people things that are easy for you.  The best website to learn from (in my opinion of course) is Wonderlass.  I learned from her and she has a lot of valuable tips on starting webinars and making money from them.


Freelance Writing

The go to gal that really knows her stuff in regards to freelance writing is Gina Horkey.  She is a boss when it comes to Freelance Writing and she offers a free course to help you understand more about freelance writing.  If you are interested, I suggest you take the free course so you have a better idea of what freelance writing is.  I took it and it is very easy to understand.

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Become a Virtual Assistant

Remember my friend Gina from above?  Yeah, Gina Horkey has this figured out too.  She has a free course that she offers on how to become a successful virtual assistant.  If you are interested in how to make money at home as a Virtual Assistannt, you might want to check this out.  It is a link to her  free course to become a successful VA.  You can make a decent living as a Virtual Assistant.  You can make enough money to replace your day job for sure.



Did you know you can actually make money proofreading?  I certainly did not.  You can actually get paid to read over things that people write.  You can actually make a bit of money doing this also!  Check out to learn more about this.  You can check out Proofread Anywhere for more information on how to be an online proofreader and make money from home.


Selling On Amazon

The Selling Family found out how to sell on Amazon and not only sell on Amazon, they earn six-figures a year doing it!  You can check out more about how to do this here.  If you are a coupon cutting fool, you can get stuff cheap and sell it on Amazon.  The Selling Family knows all about it and you can learn more here.



Create/sell your own products

You can sell your own products on Etsy or just sell them through your website if you start a blog.   My friend Gina (what can I say, I know a lot of Gina’s) sells her Mommy related stuff at Mom Life Must Haves and they are a huge hit.  By the way, if you are a mom or you take care of kids, you should check this stuff out.  It is totally adorable!


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You can also write eBooks, sell craft stuff from your blog/website, or anything you think that would help people.  You don’t have to be an author, you just have to be helpful.


Ruth Soukup at Living Well Spending Less is the perfect example of someone who creates helpful stuff and sells it on her website.  She is the master at creating products that are useful for moms.  She has used her own life experience to create products that help her audience



Sell your images

Are you pretty good at taking photos? If you are, you might be the perfect person to sell your images in the online space to bloggers and other online peeps.   Haute Chocolate is an awesome place to get style stock photos that are absolutely beautiful and she sells her images in her own library.  Below is one of her images.  Seriously, how gorgeous is that!




Bottom line, I don’t want you to ever feel like you are limited by your current financial situation.  Especially not when there are lots of ways to get what you want by leveraging your money.  If you want to learn more about how to leverage your money, you really need to join me.  Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk.  Sign up below and I will send you an email about when the next webinar will be held.

I will teach you all about how to do it.  I want to see people living the lives they want.  I want to see people live up to their purpose and living the life they want to live.  If you want to stay home with your kids, travel more, or retire early, join me and sign up here.

If this is you, check out some of the options above and see which one fits.  If none of them fit, get yourself financially ready to do what you want to do.  Maybe you don’t want to do something online, but you have always thought about going to college to get a degree.  That’s great.  Let’s get started on creating a financial future where you don’t have to worry about being in debt to get what you want.



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