Are you looking for fun at home date night ideas? Check out this post for 11 great date ideas. I like number 6!

Creative date night ideas can be hard to come by especially when you are on a budget.  So I thought I would compile a list of date night ideas you could even do at home.  Bonus!  If you  have small children, you probably already know that juggling work, kids, and life in general can be a challenge let alone finding time to spend with your spouse for date night.

Are you in need of a few date night ideas that won’t break the pocket book?  How about date nights you can even do at home?  Let’s face it, sometimes plans don’t always work out.  Sometimes you can’t find a sitter or maybe you just don’t have it in the budget this month to make it out for a date night.  Well, you’re in luck!

Here are 10 at home date night ideas ( and they don’t suck!)

  • Wine tasting.  Get a couple bottles of wine at the grocery store (put it in your budget as part of groceries or from the fun budget) and some appetizers or cheese and chocolates. Whatever floats your boat.  Sit down with your spouse to a movie or an episode of Fuller House and start tasting!  Here is a list of the Best Cheap Wines that I have tried.

date night ideas


  • Game night.  This may sound lame or silly, but it can be a lot of fun.  Pick a board game you both like (battleship in our house) and just sit down and play it after the kids are in bed.  Don’t judge.  You can also play card games if that is your thing.


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  • Cook a meal together.   My husband doesn’t cook very much so the thought of this one scares me a little (sorry honey).  He is good at doing the dishes though;).  I personally love the $5 Meal Plan.  I use them and love it!  You get an email every week for a week’s worth of meals all planned out for you with a shopping list.  That is huge for me!  You can learn more by clicking on my link.


  • Play video games.  Ok. So maybe this one is a little lame, but go back and beat some of those old Nintendo games. Or if you are a little more up to speed with your video games, play some madden or something.


  • Sit on your patio or outside and drink a beer. This would constitute date night in our house. Just sitting in total peace and quiet outside while the kids are fast asleep.


  • Watch a movie or your favorite show. I know cliché, but who doesn’t like a good movie or TV show.  Get on Netflix and watch some Fuller House;)  Make it a little more fun by giving foot rubs during the movie.


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  • Go for a walk.  Have your neighbor watch the kids for 15 minutes and just go for a walk with your spouse.

date night ideas

  • Have a picnic in the living room. While the kids are sleeping, set up a picnic in the living room or outdoors and just enjoy each other’s company.


  • Take a bubble bath. Relax and drink a glass or wine in the tub.


  • Pop some popcorn and go through old picturesIt is always fun to look back at old yearbooks, high school pics, college pics and photos of when you and your spouse first got together.

date night ideas

  • Invite another couple over to spend time with. We do this as often as our schedules will allow. We love having people over for dinner and game night.

Everyone enjoys a good date night, but they don’t have to be expensive.  When you are creating your budget, don’t forget to budget for fun or date nights out.  It is important to get out of the house and spend time with your loved one, however, if it isn’t in the budget for a weekly date night, get creative and spend some date nights at home.  It can still be fun just spending quality time with your love.

Come up with activities you both enjoy and you won’t even miss the expensive dinner.

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Need some great date night ideas on a budget? Here are 11 fun and cheap home date ideas that will fit any budget! You can save money by staying at home!

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