12 Tips to Keep Life Simple and Find More Peace Everyday

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It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day chaos of life and forget about what makes us happy. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and refocus on the simple little things that make our hearts sing.  In my opinion, when we keep life simple we can find so much more joy in the chaotic world we live in.


I also think that there are some rituals and practices that you can put into place in order to be happier and feel less stressed.  Below are some of the ones I have done that have really taken so much stress from my life.



Having too much stuff will definitely make your life feel more cluttered.  Getting rid of stuff and cleaning up your personal space will make you happier and feel more at ease.  Decluttering helps you mentally focus on other tasks around you that should take priority in your life.  


Start a Morning Routine


Creating a morning routine will help you keep life simple because you have consistency and your morning sets the tone for your entire day.  If you feel rushed and unorganized in the morning, you will likely feel that way all day and nobody wants to feel rushed all day!  Keep life simple and create a morning routine you love.

Find What Makes You Happy

Do you know what makes you truly happy?  Life begins to slow down when you make time for yourself and make you a priority. What do you love to do?  Is it cooking, baking, spending time with loved ones, exercising, yoga, reading, running?  Whatever it is, make sure you make it a priority.  If you have even just a little time for you, your attitude will change and you will be happier.


Have time to reflect


Reflection is so key and it is one of my favorite things to do!  I love having some quiet time to reflect on my life so far.  I love thinking about the goals I have achieved and thinking about all I still have yet to accomplish.  Having this time to really think about what I have done gives me a sense of hope and accomplishment while having goals to strive for really keeps me focused.  Make time to reflect on what you have done in your life and to set new goals for what you want your life to look like.


Get Your Money Under Control


If you are looking to keep life simple in your finances, you need to start a budget.  Most people feel like starting a budget creates limits, but actually you feel more empowered by having a budget.  When you know where your money is going, you feel more at ease and less stressed.  Having a budget is definitely a great way to keep life simple.  If you need help starting a budget, you can sign up for my free course here.


Spend Less Time on Social Media


I made this switch in 2016 and I am really happy I did.  I unfollowed lots of people because I didn’t want to get too sucked into social media.  I felt like it was taking up more of my time than it should.  It was definitely a great choice for me.  You actually have time to do those projects around the house or play board games all day when you aren’t on your phone constantly.

Take Care of Your Body/Health

Making your health a priority is so important. Don’t let your mind take over your body and eat food just because it tastes good.  Eat because you want to take care of your body for the long run.  Healthy living does not have to be hard or frustrating.  Actually, when you have habits you love, it becomes so much easier.



Meditation is so great.  You have the opportunity to really clear your mind.  Meditation does not have to last hours.  You can meditate for just 5 minutes a day.  It helps to clear your mind and put you back in perspective.  It helps to release creative energy and it gives you a sense of peace in a very hectic world.


Read Great Books

Read books that make you happy whether they are romance novels, self-help books, science fiction or whatever.  Reading gives your brain time to relax and shut off from the daily tasks that can seem consuming.  Give your brain time to rest.  (I am a huge fan of motivational books.)


Make Simple Date Nights with Your Spouse

Date nights don’t have to be expensive. Have simple at home date nights and really focus on your time with your spouse.  Listen to your spouse.  Laugh.  Reminisce.  


Clear Your Mind of Clutter


When you have something on your mind that needs done, write it down as soon as possible.  The sooner you get it down on paper the better.  Organizing your life and having to do lists helps you get more done in less time.  If you start to feel overwhelmed, do a brain dump just to get everything out on paper.  You will feel so much better and you can begin to figure out how to attack your to do list.


Organize Your Life

Have one spot to have everything written down or use Google Calendar to organize appointments, parties, birthdays, events, etc.  The more you have written down, the better.  It is also just as important to know where things are in your home.  To be honest, this has been one of my biggest struggles and I have been working my butt off this year to change that. Little by little the clutter is going away and our things are finding their permanent spot in our house.  It is almost empowering to know that your house is organized.


In conclusion, life is meant to be simple, not complex.  Take the time to really make it a priority to shut out the chaos and start living the life you want.  It is totally possible.


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