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42 Fun and Cheap Summer Activities for the Kids

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Summer is so much fun but if you have kids, you may want to plan ahead a bit so you have enough for them to do.  The great thing is the weather is usually nice and you can send them outside to play.  If you have a few fun things stocked up, the kiddos can play for hours and you can enjoy watching them play.  Oh, and if you take a little time to plan, you may not have to spend a ton of money to have a great and fun summer.

Enter the list of 42 cheap and fun summer activities for kids.


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Nice Day Summer Activities for Kids:

I thought I would break it down a bit for you because let’s face it, Mother Nature can be a little fickle when she wants to be and we don’t always have nice weather.  Here is a list of outdoor summer activities to keep the kids occupied:

      • Water Balloon Fight (yes!)
      • Wham-o Slip N Slide races
      • Burlap Potato Sack races
      • Scavenger hunt
      • Picnic in the back yard/park
      • Impromptu party for no special reason-let the kids decide the theme and menu
      • Go for  a nature walk and identify birds
      • Go for a bike ride
      • Set up a tent in the back yard to read books
      • Play freeze tag
      • Water gun fights with homemade forts
      • Have a neighborhood party-invite the entire neighborhood of kids
      • Sidewalk Chalk ;  Have a contest for the best sidewalk art
      • Neighborhood football or basketball game
      • Sleepovers/camping out in the back yard
      • Visit a local farmer’s market
      • Have a backyard fire (S’mores anyone?)
      • Free concerts in the park
      • Host outdoor play dates
      • Fishing (not my thing, but it is cheap)
      • Visit the Zoo (plan ahead for this one)

summer activities for kids

Indoor Summer Activities for the Kids (when the weather is yucky):

        • Bake cookies
        • Make homemade pizza
        • Paint pictures
        • Make homemade ice cream sandwiches
        • Watch a movie
        • Tell scary stories
        • Play a board game
        • Make indoor S’mores with the kids
        • Make homemade  Popsicles
        • Go to a movie (afternoon matinee’s are cheaper)
        • Have them help with organizing garage sale stuff to sell and create a contest out of it
        • Twister
        • Take them to the library
        • Take them to paint ceramics (buy a ceramics kit at the Dollar Tree)
        • Go to a Museum
        • Bake cupcakes and have the kids decorate them
        • Make homemade cards for a local nursing home or charity
        • Visit a pet store or the local humane society
        • Go to the Dollar store and let the kids pick out some craft stuff
        • Go through old photo albums with your kids
        • Puzzles


There are a lot of fun things to do during the summer without spending much money at all.  Since summer is a few weeks away, start planning for it in your budget.  Make a little room for the extra fun of summer if you like to go to waterparks or amusement parks.  I personally do not feel you should take all the experiences out of life even when you are trying to get out of debt.  Having said that, make sure you create a  reasonable budget for summer activities.  If you enjoy amusement parks with the kids, make it a treat and not something you do every day.

Kids just want to play most of the time, so don’t worry about making sure you have an activity for every day.  Let them be kids and just play.

Take advantage of free stuff around you.  We have something in our area called First Friday.  There are free outdoor shows and other activities for the family in our downtown area.  Usually weekends are popular times for downtown areas to host free stuff so take advantage of your area and what is available.

Kids look forward to summer for some time off from the day to day grind of school.  Don’t worry about making sure they have something to do everyday.  But, if they come to you and say they are bored, you will have a list prepped with ideas of things for them to do.



Summer Fun for Kids | Fun Summer Ideas | Summer Activities for Kids | Cheap Summer Activities for Kids


What activities do you like to do with your kids in the summer?



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