Are you looking for holiday party outfits? This post gives you 5 functional, comfortable and cheap holiday party outfits to choose from. Click through to read the full post!


What is your typical attire for the holidays?  Do you like to dress up or stay comfy but chic?  In this post, I am going to share with you some of my favorite holiday party outfits that cost less than $25.  I tend to go for more of a comfy chic especially for the holidays because we usually just lounge around and eat several times in one day.  I will share a couple of my favorites that are great for parties and a couple outfits that are more on the casual side.

Truth be told, I have been shopping at Amazon a bit more lately- 1) because it is convenient and 2) if you need to return anything, it is pretty easy to do.  I have been so hesitant to shop for clothing online, but I gave it a whirl after reading reviews of the dresses I wanted to purchase.  One of the dresses below I got from Amazon and I absolutely love it!  Find out which one below!



My Favorite Cheap Holiday Party Outfits

I love the festive red dress.  It has great reviews on Amazon and there are 3 other colors to choose from.  I almost bought this dress for a wedding we went to recently, but I wanted something with sleeves so I wouldn’t have to wear a cardigan.  This is a great dress and it is only $15.99.  That is a steal in my opinion because if you shop in store, you will likely pay double that price or perhaps more.  There are 327 reviews on this dress right now and there are over 4 stars on the reviews.  I love reading the Amazon reviews because if gives you some insight into the fit and feel of the dress.



To be completely honest, I love more of a comfy casual look and I love this plaid dress.  I don’t have it yet, but it will be in my closet when my budget allows.  I personally think this is totally a great find for Thanksgiving.  It is $23.99 so still a reasonable price.  Pair with leggings and a pair of tall boots and it would be a really cute outfit.  Or you could totally get a way with short ankle boots or flats.  I love how versatile this piece is and it can be worn for 3 of 4 seasons.  There are tons of colors to choose from too.


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This is a another great holiday option.  The green is a totally perfect for the holidays and it is a flowy type dress.  Pair with a dazzling pair of earrings and pair of Mary Jane heels and you will be a showstopper. The dress is only $16.99!



Ok, so the dress below I highly recommend.  I bought it a couple months ago and I love it! It is super comfortable and very versatile.  It comes in 5 colors and I purchased the black with white stripes.  I was hesitant to buy it because of the stripes but the design in the middle is actually very flattering  and slimming.   I wore it to a wedding with a red blazer and I actually wore it to an interview also.  I have a pair of basic black heels like these ones and it was perfect.  I did buy a size larger so keep that in mind (I usually wear a medium and I bought a large). It does fit to your body so if you don’t like a tighter fit, you may not like this dress.  Overall, I am super happy with it though!  Oh, it is only $18.99.



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I also purchased a dress similar to this dress at Target actually.  I love that it is flowy and comfortable.  you can again pair with leggings and a infinity scarf or for warmer fall days (or even spring for that matter)  you can do ballerina flats and a simple necklace There are 19 different colors to choose from and I think this is perfect for Thanksgiving (mainly because then you don’t have to worry about your pants fitting too tight:)  It costs just a little over $15 for the dress.  Boom!


Well, there ya have it.  These are 5 of my favorite holiday party outfits.  I personally think they are all functional as many of them can be worn for more than one season.  They can be dressed up easily or simplified for a comfy day running errands.


What are some of your favorite holiday party outfits?  Do you prefer comfy or dressed up?

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