5 Helpful Tips to Deal with Burnout

It has been far too long since I have written on this little blog of mine.  I have truly missed writing.  I am not the best writer but something about doing this blog is so soothing for me.  


We have had some really crazy twists and turns in our life over the past few months.  We decided to sell our house over the summer and within 4 days, we had it under contract.


We were under contract on another house for us to live in, but ultimately it ended up falling through. We are currently living in one of our duplexes and as crazy as it sounds, life is so simple here.  I have felt more peace over the past few weeks than I thought I would feel.


If I am honest, initially I was worried about my kids and what they would think, but Joey and Logan love it here.  I was worried about squeezing our family into a smaller space, but I think the change has been good.


The duplex is about 1,000 square ft and the boys share a room with bunk beds now.  They make forts with blankets and stuffed animals just about everyday.  If they aren’t doing that, they are outside playing made up games in the yard that spans just over 2 acres.  Joey saw a praying mantis for the first time a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty cool.



In this midst of this chaos, I have found peace again.


Prior to selling our house, I have to admit that I was going through a little spell of depression.  I think it is normal to have peaks and valleys in life and I think there are things you can do to work through them, but just about everything I was doing didn’t work.  


I usually try to talk to friends, read or do yoga.  I came to the realization that I don’t have a lot of really close friends right now as I feel I have neglected those relationships.  Nothing seemed to be working to get me outta my funk.


I had given up just about everything that I enjoy through this bout of depression and I started praying that God would work a little miracle for me and help me get out.


I love to read and I believe that He placed a few key books in my path to help me.


One was Restless by Jennie Allen.

The other was The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.


I would highly recommend both books if you feel a little stuck in life right now and you need a pick me up  


(The boys watching a train from the duplex:)

I started praying that God would help me get out of my depression.  I just felt it wasn’t healthy for me to feel depressed and I desperately wanted to get back to things I love.


I started to pray the prayer of Anything, God that Jennie mentions in the book Restless.  I had no idea that God would send us to a duplex to live for an unknown amount of months or years, but I really think He did.  He needed me to see His little miracles and start being happy again.


I started praying for surrender.  Complete and honest surrender to God.  I want to be guided in this life as I know it is not my own.  


(I have a story about that later, but I do feel completely surrendered now.)


Anyways, Gabby’s book talks about seeing God’s little miracles too.  


In the midst of all of our busy-ness, I have taken so much for granted.  I have missed precious time with my family.  I have been so hyperfocused on working on projects for our businesses that I have forgotten to take time for me. I miss my friends.  I miss hearing about their lives and kids.


I realized that this bout of depression is really more burn out.


I took a step back and analyzed everything that I was doing and started reducing the number of projects I had my hands in so I could find joy again.


For months, I felt like God had been silent and I had not been guided.  When I fully surrendered, I heard him loud and clear through people.



God works miracles through other people- I am sure of that.


He uses their stories to help you get through something you are facing.


He uses books to help you walk through the stresses of life and think in a more positive way.


He uses experiences whether they are good or bad as life lessons.  Take the time and reflect on what life lesson you are supposed to get out of the stress you are dealing with.


Let this lesson help guide you towards the life God wants for you.


Since scaling back on projects, I started to make time for the things I enjoy.  


I have taken a few steps to rekindle friendships again.  I am getting up everyday and doing my Miracle Morning again (something I hadn’t been doing for a while) and I am scheduling time to write again.  

(Logan and I at a church trick or treat event.  He loved the tractor ride.)


If you are facing something similar, follow these steps to help you find joy again:


  1. Step back and look at your life.  What is the most stressful part of your life right now?  What can you do about it?  Is it your job?  A relationship?  Side projects?

You can improve any aspect of your life.  If it is your job, can you talk to a supervisor and express your concerns?  Look for a new job?  

If it is your relationship, can you sit down and talk about it or go to counseling.

If you have too many side projects (like me!) can you scale back or delegate tasks?


Think about what is causing you the most stress and work on finding a solution.  If it isn’t clear to you, ask someone else to help you figure out a solution.


2.) What do you like to do?  What do you miss the most in your life?


For me, it is friends and free time.  I miss it so much and the moment I realized this, I started to rekindle some old friendships, spend more time with my sisters and do fun things with my family.  It helped me to find joy in life again and take away the depression/burn out I was feeling.


3.)  Make time just for God to see the little miracles.


You don’t have to be busy 24/7.  Try putting your phone down and open your Bible or a great book.  Alternatively, go for a walk and enjoy the changing of the leaves and the cooler air.  There are tons of little miracles that surround you everyday.  The key is to find those miracles.  For example, on my drive home the other day, I saw a rainbow.  It was beautiful.  Something I would have taken for granted just a few short months ago.


4.)  Don’t worry about your to do list.


For once, don’t worry about getting everything done.  Take some time off to do something you enjoy doing.  Don’t feel guilty for not getting the laundry done or not cleaning the house.  That stuff can wait.


5.)  Be thankful.


Be thankful that you are self aware.  Be thankful and grateful because you now understand more of what you need to be happy and live with joy.  You are better to the people around you when you know what you need to do to be happy and feel whole.  Be thankful for that.


God works little miracles everyday.  For me, I see most of the miracles through people.  I listen to their stories and gain some type of wisdom from something they have gone through.  I read books to gain understanding of how to improve myself and my relationships.


Friends, don’t ever get too busy to miss the little miracles that surround you daily.


deal with burnout


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