Stop what you are doing right now.  If you are a gym lover and need to go to the gym to keep you accountable for your daily sweat sesh, but you hate spending all that money… go call your insurance company and ask them if they cover gym expenses….right now.  Seriously, I will wait.

Ok you’re back.  Great, thanks for coming back.  So there may be a few ways I can help you save money if you can’t bear the thought of giving up the gym as part of your budget.

Our insurance company, literally pays for us to go to the gym.  Yep, it is free.  Did you know that more and more insurance companies are doing the same?  Yes, they are because they figure that the cost of healthy people is less than the cost of treating long term chronic health issues.

Obviously, they can’t force you to go, but if you are an avid gym go-er already, you might as well take advantage of the fact that they might pay for it!


So what else do healthcare companies pay for?  Lots of companies will now pay for health coaches.  The Health Coach occupation emerged as a way to help keep people stay accountable in achieving their health goals of weight loss, exercise, eating better, etc.

If you are interested in an accountability partner or just need some help staying motivated, check with your insurance company to see if they have Health Coaches when you call to ask about the gym.


Your insurance company may pay for so many phone calls from the Health Coach. There has been this movement towards preventing chronic disease and not just managing disease. If you fall in the category of wanting to get healthier, you may have several options through your insurance company.


If you are just shopping around for a gym, look for a Planet Fitness in your area. Their plans cost as little as $10 a month. They have a good variety of cardio equipment, free weights and machine weights. You will not find any exercise classes so if that is what you are into, that gym will not work for you.

Ask to try out the gym first. We did that with our local gym and they were totally fine with that. This will give you a feel for the gym before joining.


Try to negotiate if there is a sign-up fee. You might be surprised what the gym will do if you ask for the fee to be waived or reduced. Especially during the summer months when it isn’t as busy.


Consider paying per visit, especially if you can exercise at home or if you wouldn’t use the membership all year long.


Never sign a contract. Don’t get stuck in signing a contract because life gets busy and you never know what will happen.  You don’t’ want to be paying for a gym if for some reason you can’t use it.


Be sure to shop around as I am sure there are many gyms in your area. Look for the best prices and see what is included. Do they have costs within the plan that you will not use? For example, does it include child care? Do you need child care? Could you negotiate a lower price if you do not need the child care? Never hurts to ask.

If you work for a hospital or large company, they may have a gym or fitness center for their employees. Ask your human resources department. Our hospital does have a fitness center we can use for free.

Going to the gym does not have to be expensive and health is so important so make sure to include exercise in your budget somehow. If you like to exercise at home, it IS worth it to buy a DVD or fitness system that you will use.

It is a one-time cost that will pay for itself in the long run for your health. The key with at home plans, you have to stay motivated enough to use them. Your health is so important, do not take it for granted. Ok, I will stop with the lecture. Have a great day!


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