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This year has been a year of productivity for me.  I decided at the beginning of December that I really wanted to clear the clutter from my house and make it infinitely more usable and peaceful.   I have been on a bit of a quest for balance for the past year and  honestly when I quit my job, I felt a whole new sense of relief.  I felt as though the balance was beginning to be restored in our lives.  I also ventured into some new territory with how to stay accountable to my goals this year and I have found a few productivity tools that have been helping out.

Greg asked me what I wanted for Christmas probably a week before it was Christmas and I started to research planners as I felt that it may help keep me on track with my goals for the year.  I researched the Erin Condren Planner and I looked at a few Facebook sites to see what others were buying.

For me, it was between the Erin Condren Planner, iHeart Planners, and The Happy Planner.  I ruled out the iHeart Planner as I wanted a physical product that was already bound and done. I was really torn between the Happy Planner and the Erin Condren Planner.

My biggest concern would be that I would use the planner for a week and then completely discard the darn thing.  I was worried I would forget to use it or that I would hate the setup after a while.

I went to Michael’s on Christmas Eve and I found the Happy Planner.  I ended up buying it and I love it!

I can honestly say that I still use it to keep everything in one place and it is by far one of my favorite productivity tools this year.  I keep my schedule in it, Greg’s schedule and anything for the boys.

I also write out my list of goals for my blog, my home, personal goals and we have our BIG year goals in the back of the planner.

I am actually really glad I have it.  I have been way more focused this year and I attribute it to having a to do list and a set of goals close by.

It has been so much easier to look at my list and see what I need done.  I then look at the week ahead and see where I can schedule my goals and activities.


Productivity Tool#1

Here is a Happy Planner you can get on Amazon.  I love this one.  Mine is striped, but this one is really cute too.


Productivity Tool #2

I also LOVE my YETI coffee mug that my husband bought for me as  a Christmas gift (I have the stainless steel version but I love the Pink one).  I don’t like cold coffee.  Like not at all.  This thing keeps coffee warm for 12 hours and I guess a lot of hunters use it.  It is completely fitting for a busy mom though.  You don’t have to worry about getting the kids dressed or taking a shower and your coffee getting cold!  Marvelous!



Productivity Tool #3

I also find that my Kindle is great for reading books. I love reading but I am trying to minimize the clutter in my home this year.  Kindles are relatively inexpensive (the one below is $49.99 on Amazon– click on the picture to be redirected) and you get to read books within seconds of buying them.  I love it!  They are very functional, cheaper than and iPad and they also work well for kids.  My oldest son has one:)



Productivity Tool #4

Much to my dismay, my crossbody purse recently took a turn for the worst.  I had that baby for over 7 years so it has seen me through a lot.   I ended up buying a very functional cross body tote at Target that I love so far.  I love the neutral color that is perfect for any season.


This mint one was also a big contender though.  I had a very hard time deciding, but in the end, I went for a neutral color.  I love mint, but I didn’t think it would be very functional for all seasons so brown it is.  I wanted something large enough to carry my kindle, a book, my planner and any kid supplies that I need (an occasional pull up, toys, snacks or whatever).  I don’t like carrying a diaper bad around so this was the next best thing.  We also are planning on traveling a lot this year so this type of bag is very functional.  We only take one carry on suitcase and a back pack with us when we travel because we fly stand by so having a little extra purse space is a must!

Productivity Tool #5

The next productivity tool is very easy to use and it is free.  I love using it.  It is the Google Drive/Google Docs/Google calendar.  All you need is a Gmail account and you can use any of the above for free.  I absolutely love it.  I use the Google Calendar as a reminder for me for any appointments.    Also, if I need to track anything important, I keep it in my Google Calendar.  You can also link the Google Calendar to more than one account which is great.  You can keep your schedule and your spouse’s schedule all in one place and know what they are up to, what appointments or meetings they have. It is amazing and keeps me very productive.

I use Google Drive just like a flash drive.  You can store pictures, create documents, spreadsheets and a ton more.  We don’t have Microsoft products on our home computer so this is the next best thing and it is totally free.  I can’t tell you how much I love Google!

Also, with Google Calendar it is very easy to time block.  You can look at the week ahead and schedule your activities making sure to include the ones that are really important to you.  Writing down your tasks makes it more likely that you will go through with them.  Check out this time blocking template to help you get started.


Productivity Tool #6

To help stay organized, I have created systems that work for me.   I have binders with printables that help me stay organized with cleaning, goal setting, decluttering etc.  I also have a morning routine and meal planning system that work really well for me also.  Having structure definitely helps me to stay productive.


There ya have it Momma’s.  These are the 6 tools I use just about everyday to keep me on track with my goals and more productive.


What helpful tools do you use?



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