Are you ready to crush your new year goals? If you are looking to be healthier, find your motivation or find your purpose, check out this post! There are some great tips!

Do you love the New Year?  I love it!  I love a fresh start and new goals and I seriously am so excited about 2017.  If you are in the process of setting some new goals for the New Year, I want to help you prepare to be really successful with those goals.  I have been really busy the last several weeks with focusing on how I can help you prepare for the New Year and make your new year goals achievable.

If it is one thing I am good at, it’s making and achieving goals.  I love a good challenge!  So behind the scenes I have created 3 new email courses:

The 3 email courses are:

My No Nonsense Tips to Healthy Living and Weight Loss

5 Secrets to Staying Motivated to Achieve Anything in Life

Living with Purpose: A Beginner’s Guide to Making Intentional Life Choices

I initially was going to start another budgeting series, but I already have one of those so I didn’t want to come out with another of the same kind of course.   I feel that after doing a poll of what my readers needed, it was more along the lines of motivation and finding purpose. I decided to focus on that instead of doing more budgeting advice. I did start writing up just a few more thoughts on how to handle spending and you can get a copy of that here.

What to expect in each series:

Healthy Living

  • In this series, you will find tips to avoid emotional eating. You will identify your emotional eating triggers and create new habits to break the old ones
  • This course also goes over exactly how much exercise is recommended and why you may be having trouble sticking to an exercise routine
  • You will learn about the concept of Mindful Eating as a way to set a goal for yourself to not over-indulge and to gain control over eating once and for all.
  • There are also printables to go along with each section!

You can sign up for this course here.

Finding Purpose

  • If you are struggling to really find the joy and happiness you know you can create, this is the course for you. You will figure out how to connect the dots with past experiences so you can create the future you want.
  • You will find ways to take more control over your choices and your day
  • You will learn that reflection is vital to finding out what you need to be doing to get to your dream life.
  • And printables to help you along the way!

You can sign up for this course here.


  • You will learn how to identify what gets you off track from achieving your goals
  • You will learn how to avoid stress in order to stay focused on your BIG goal.
  • You will figure out how to change the things that need changed in order for you to be successful in achieving your goals.
  • There are lots of printables here also to help keep you on track and to get you thinking.

You can sign up for this course here.


When I researched which new year goals were the most popular, this is what I found:

According to ABC news, the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 were:

  1. Enjoy life to the fullest
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle
  3. Lose weight
  4. Spend more time with family and friends
  5. Save more, spend less

In my opinion, these all fall within the lines of living more out of intent and less out of habit.  I feel that more and more people are striving to find what makes them the most happy and what will be the most fulfilling.  We have so much mental clutter in our lives that it makes it hard for us to focus on the things we really want out of life.

When we are still, quiet and thankful, we find ultimate happiness and the motivation to go forward toward the goals we truly want to achieve.

So what is your priority for the upcoming year?  What new year goals have you set for yourself?


5 Tips on How to Achieve New Year Goals

Don’t Do Too Much

You may have some really big new year goals for this year, but don’t do too much too fast.  I recommend that you separate the year into quarters.  What goal will you achieve the first quarter?  The second quarter?  Third and fourth quarter?  Work on changing habits for the first BIG goal, then move on from there.  You need to give yourself time to really adjust before moving on to the next goal.

Have Clearly Defined Goals

If paying off debt is a new year goal for you, how much debt will you pay off?  Write down a number.  Track your goals in some fashion.  I recommend writing out your BIG goal, then breaking it down into a 6 month goal, 3 month goal, weekly goal and if you need to, break it down into a daily goal.  It helps to create smaller stepping stones to the bigger goal you are going to achieve.  You can get a copy of my goal setting printable with the free motivation email series.  You can sign up for that here.

Pick the Right Support Group

It is really helpful to hang out with people who have similar new year goals.  It helps keep you motivated to keep going when times get a little tough.  It is also nice to be able to bounce ideas of someone who may be going through something similar or who has been through it before.

Celebrate Your Wins

Since you are breaking down your BIG goals into bite sized pieces, try to celebrate wins every so often.  For example, if you have tried to lose 20 pounds in the past, but you were unsuccessful and now you hit that goal after 3 months-celebrate!  When you celebrate victories, it helps to keep you motivated.  If one of your new year goals is weight loss, think of another way to celebrate rather than with food.  If one of your new year goals is financial freedom, think of another way to celebrate rather than an expensive dinner out.  The idea is to celebrate to keep going without getting you off track.  In the healthy living course, I teach you how to stop emotional eating, but still eat what you love.  Sign up for that course here.

Give Yourself Some Grace

If by chance you get off track a bit, please don’t stress about it.  It only makes it worse.  In the free motivation series, I teach you what to do instead of stressing out about getting off track.  Sign up for that course here.

Living intentionally is all about knowing what you want out of your life and I am convinced that if you find your purpose, you will be happier, motivated and be able to crush your goals easily this year.

What new year goals have you set so far?


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