Budgeting Tips

Managing your  money and budgeting can seem like a daunting task.  It can seem so boring and you literally want to hit your head against the wall.  I have been there my friend.  I know it can seem like you try to get your money stuff organized only to have it ruined by the nice pair of shoes you saw at the store  (just me?).  It can be tough to stay on a budget or find one that works.  I came up with some budgeting tips we have used over the last 2 years that I want to share with you to help you rock your budget.  These are the tips we have used to go from a negative net worth (-49,000…ouch) to a now net worth of $500,000.

The Free Budget Basics Email Course will help you create a budget that works.  This is a 7 part email series that will include:

  1.  Where your money is going
  2. How to start a budget that rocks and that is easy (with ways to cut your expenses)
  3. How to stay motivated to stick to a budget
  4. How to make more money
  5. Why you should seek financial freedom and why it is important for your future
  6. What is leveraging your money
  7. Final thoughts and recommendations

I am going to be totally honest here.  Before October 2014, we had no idea where our money was going, we weren’t striving for financial independence and I had no idea what investing my money was.  We really took control of our money, cut our debt and figured out how to use our money to create our future.

In this email series you will have access to a resource library of 100 Ways to Cut Your Monthly Expenses, 175 Ways to Make More Money, a Free Budget Sheet and  a lot more.  The email course was designed to help you take one step at a time to get a great start for a budget that will ROCK!

You can sign up for the email course here.

In 2012, we actually had a negative net worth.  That means, if we sold everything we owned at that time, we still would have owed money to someone.

We didn’t really know how to get our money in order until we took that trip to Virginia in October 2014.  Our lives changed forever just by having one simple conversation about money.  We really started to buckle down and take control of our finances and it paid off in a big way.

This course will help you start at the beginning and walk you through each step with how to manage your money better.  If you have trouble sticking to a budget, this email course will help you simplify budgeting.  If you need ways to cut your monthly expenses, you will find it in this course.  If you need a guide to making just a little extra money to get started on the debt snowball, this course will help you.


Disclosure:  The first image is courtesy of ashleyelladesign.com.

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