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Can Saving Baby Teeth For Stem Cells

Can Saving Baby Teeth For Stem Cells. Saving the baby teeth of your child could potentially lead to a life saving cure in the future. Baby teeth are an important source of stem cells, which are the most important cells in the human body.

Why save baby teeth? Hartwell Dentistry, Dentist Camberwell
Why save baby teeth? Hartwell Dentistry, Dentist Camberwell from

Stem cells banking is just another important way you can plan for your child’s future. You can also find keepsake boxes to store it. These stem cells can also be used for replacement.

Baby Teeth Are A Rich Source Of Stem Cells, So If Your Child Needs Replacement Tissue Later In Life, Old Baby Teeth Can Come In Handy!

Now “tooth banks” are popping up around the world. Stem cells can be harvested from baby teeth, so it’s a good idea to preserve them in private stem cell banks for future use in medical treatments. Saving baby teeth for stem cells.

They Can Transform Into All Kinds Of Different Cells, Such As Bone Cells, Fat Cells And Nerve Cells.

Baby teeth, like umbilical cords (though less controversial), contain stem cells that can cure diseases and grow replacement tissue and bones in the body. Stem cells are cells that your body uses to develop into many different kinds of cells. Allow a dentist to handle it if you are banking the tooth for stem cells.

These Stem Cells Can Also Be Used For Replacement.

You can also find keepsake boxes to store it. However, the process which deals with stem cells can be a more accessible and affordable option for tooth replacement. Songtao shi at the national institute of dental and craniofacial research found that baby teeth contain one to two dozen stem cells 4.these stem cells may have later use in treating disease.

Most Doctors Suggest Keeping A Child’s Baby Teeth, As The Stem Cells In Their Teeth Can Be Harvested And Later Utilised For Treating The Child, If He Suffers From Any Fatal Disease, Like Cancer Or Spinal Cord Injury.

Stem cells can renew themselves and convert into more specialised cells with the ability to repair specific tissues and organs. Young cells such as stem cells from wisdom teeth, are at a prime age to be banked for use at a later date. Wisdom teeth stem cells and baby teeth stem cells saved today could save your child’s life sometime down the road.

Stem Cells Banking Is Just Another Important Way You Can Plan For Your Child’s Future.

Stem cells in teeth can be used to treat illnesses from a first or second degree relative of the patient: Cells found in your child’s milk teeth, as well as those in healthy adult teeth, are important as these clever cells have regenerative potential and can convert themselves into many different types of cells. There has even been research done on how it can help in type 1 diabetes.

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