Buying Clothes on a Budget | Affordable Clothing Websites |  Budget Shopping | Online Shopping

Why You Should Consider Buying Clothes Online From Amazon


I used to be so opposed to buying clothes online.  I was always worried that they wouldn’t fit and then I would have to pay for shipping back to the store.  Honestly, I never really considered buying clothes from Amazon until recently.  I would say over the past 6 months, most of my clothing shopping has been done through Amazon.  I know, it sounds nuts but hear me out.


Having small children and shopping at traditional stores can be super overwhelming or at least it is to me.  We ended up getting an Amazon Prime membership for other reasons but then I started to browse through some of the clothing from Amazon.


I actually found that the prices were significantly cheaper than most stores and honestly more consistent with my style.  Since I started my capsule wardrobe, I have been super picky with what goes in my closet.  If I decide to buy something new,  I made a deal with myself that I have to get rid of an equal amount of other pieces of clothing so needless to say, I make pretty calculated decisions.


Buying Clothes on a Budget | Affordable Clothing Websites |  Budget Shopping | Online Shopping



I ended up making a purchase to buy a dress for a charity benefit for December.  I wanted something classic that I could wear again and again and I started looking at Amazon.   I tried going shopping the traditional way for a dress, but found that my time was super limited especially since Joey’s birthday is at the end of November.


Anyways, I found a navy blue vintage dress that I loved and ordered it.  To my surprise the darn thing actually fit!  And I liked it!  I ended up ordering another dress that is something I could wear with leggings in the fall and winter and I could wear it in the spring and summer without leggings (this capsule wardrobe thing is amazing!) and that fit also.  The picture below is me and my hubby at the winter gala and I am wearing the blue vintage dress.  It was $25.9 on Amazon


Buying Clothes on a Budget | Affordable Clothing Websites |  Budget Shopping | Online Shopping


I did a couple things to make sure that I had success with Amazon clothing shopping.


Here is what I did:

I read the reviews.

Ok, I didn’t read all of them, but the ones with pictures helped and I read a good amount of positive and negative reviews also.  This helped me to understand more about the sizing of whatever I was ordering.  


I looked at the pictures

Ok, this may seem redundant, but this is exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to see how dresses fit other people and a lot of people gave their measurements which helped when making a purchase.  Some people said to go a size up if you are tall (that’s me, I am 5’8” and a 1** pounds.  Yeah, not about to tell the whole world how much I weigh:)  But I will show you random photos of dresses I purchased recently:)

Buying Clothes on a Budget | Affordable Clothing Websites |  Budget Shopping | Online Shopping


The black dress I am wearing above is only $20.99 on Amazon

I looked at the size chart

I didn’t pay as much attention to this as I did the reviews.  The reviews were more helpful as people were actually wearing the clothes and giving feedback on the sizes.  I usually wear a size 8, but sometimes I have to go a size up depending on the length because I am a taller lady.


I don’t always pick a winner

I ordered a few things a couple weeks ago and sent all 3 back.  I didn’t like them at all.  The material was cheap and see through.  Also, I ordered a maxi dress that was too short.  It just looked weird.  Just keep in mind you may have to send some things back.


I order mostly items that have free shipping and returns.

I learned my lesson on this one.  I ordered one item that required shipping back to the store and ended up spending about $10 to send it back.  I did not like that at all so for now on, I look for deals that have free shipping to my house and back through Amazon Prime.  


I took a risk and ordered something without a review

Gasp!  I did it.  I ordered a few dresses for summer and one for another charity event and none of them had any reviews…. But they had free shipping.  I ended up getting them a few days ago and they all fit really well.  I love them and I am keeping all of them.  Check out the video below of my favorite picks from Amazon.


Benefits of buying clothes through Amazon


You can try them on at home.

This is a big benefit for me especially with having small children.  I don’t have the time to go to stores often and if I do go with my kids I have about 30 seconds to get what I need and get out of the store before they want me to buy something for them or they have a meltdown.  I don’t want that kinda drama.


You can shop anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

This is the part I love.  It is so convenient to hop online and just browse through some lovely clothes and order them.  Just a few clicks and you are done.  They arrive on your doorstep and you get to try them on at your convenience.  Love!

Buying Clothes on a Budget | Affordable Clothing Websites |  Budget Shopping | Online Shopping

The clothes are cheaper

You guys know how much I love a deal.  I love to save money wherever I can and clothing is no exception.  I compared the cost of the items I would buy on Amazon to some of my favorite stores like Target, Marshal’s and TJ Maxx and the clothes from Amazon are cheaper.  In some instances the quality will match the price, but as a whole, I would say that the clothing is made pretty well.


The blue dress below is soooooo comfy!  I love it and plan on wearing it a ton.  I will probably buy one more because I could live in it.  It is only $18.88.  I thought it was cheaper, but honestly it is worth every penny.

Buying Clothes on a Budget | Affordable Clothing Websites |  Budget Shopping | Online Shopping


It will save you time.

You can shop anywhere and you don’t have to spend hours running around to stores to try to find what you are looking for.  I love this part too.  Buying clothes online has save me so much time!


Downside with Shopping on Amazon


If you don’t like it you may have to pay for it to be shipped back.

My advice would be consider an Amazon Prime membership and look for items with free shipping both ways.  That will save you money all around.  Plus the Amazon prime membership is great for tons of products on Amazon.


It takes time to shop on Amazon

I  am super picky…. Just ask my sisters or my husband.  It takes me time to find what I want and I make very calculated decisions on what we spend our money on.  Clothing is no exception.  Even though shopping on Amazon is quicker, it can be time consuming to find exactly what you are looking for.  But, it will save you money for gas on your car and you won’t spend money on other frivolous items because you won’t be shopping outside of the house.  And you won’t have to go to lunch because you are hungry.


I wouldn’t buy all clothing items from Amazon

I personally would not buy jeans from Amazon.  I am SUPER  picky with jeans and I have to try those on before buying them.  I would probably send back about a billion pairs before finding one I like and not everything has free shipping.  I will let you know if I ever change my mind on that.  It is tough being a bottom heavy chick.

The pink dress below is $15.99.  I took a risk on this one.  There weren’t any reviews on it, but I know I like the style and how it looks on me so it is a keeper after trying it on.  Don’t mind the random little toddler with the toothbrush.

Buying Clothes on a Budget | Affordable Clothing Websites |  Budget Shopping | Online Shopping

There are certainly positives and negatives to buying clothing online.  I personally buy dresses and shirts online because I feel comfortable doing so.  I love Amazon because the prices are great and if you can find free shipping on clothing, it is a no brainer.  It saves me time, money, and I love the clothing.  
Do you buy clothes from Amazon?

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