Mother's Day | Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Gifts for Mom


What are you doing for Mother’s Day this year?  Do you have a plan for what you are getting Mom this year?  If not, this list may help.  I wanted to do something a little different this year and come up with some non-traditional, borderline minimalist gifts for the mom who may have everything.

Last Mother’s Day was probably the best Mother’s Day I have had so far.  I got a homemade card from my boys and my husband planned dinner which included little cheesecake bites.  We took the little cheesecake bites around to share with the neighborhood Mama’s and it was so fun!  We had a very low key day and honestly, I will probably always remember that Mother’s Day because it was so simple.

I have been trying to minimize clutter around my house and hone in one what is really important so this year, I thought I would come up with a list of things to get mom that are practical and don’t take up much space.

Mother's Day | Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Gifts for Mom


Scripture of the Week Chalkboard

I totally stole this idea from a recent bridal shower, but I love it!  Write down one scripture verse on this chalkboard down every week and have the family talk about it and memorize it for the week.  I love this!  Hint, hint Greg:)




I bought my Happy Planner at the end of last year and I just love the darn thing.  You can still get them even though the year is a third of the way through. As a mom we rarely buy ourselves things so if your Mom is interested in buying a planner and hasn’t gotten to it, just buy her one.  This one is pretty affordable compared to others out there too.


Mother’s Ring

Ok, maybe not so creative, but a good option if Momma doesn’t have one already and you all are done having babies.  The ones that I LOVE are from Lisa Leonard Designs.  They are so unique and personal. I love them!


Gifts personalized from the kids

Think of a craft idea that the kids can help with that is a personalized gift from them.  One of Greg’s favorite gifts from Father’s Day was a pen holder made from popsicle sticks.  He loves that thing.  Women are no different when it comes to personalized gifts from their babies.  We love them!

Mother's Day | Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Gifts for Mom



Never hurts to give the gift of relaxation.  A spa day can be a great gift for Mom.  The bonus to this- lots of spas offer discounts for Mother’s Day.  You can also check Groupon for local spas offering deals.



I got a Fitbit for my birthday this year and I love it.  It helps me stay accountable to my exercise goals which is great.



I love my kindle.  I got it as a birthday gift and I totally love it.  I do recommend this for the Mom who loves to read as it save space in your house.  It does take some getting used to if you are used to just physical books, but it is worth it to save space and clutter from books.  It is also very easy to use which is a bonus for those of us who aren’t tech saavy.


Mommy and me photo shoot

You can never have too many pictures of the family.  This would be great to capture memories at any age. There are a lot of photographers that offer these packages now.



Wireless headphones

For when mom just needs to tune out the world and tune into her music.  These headphones have good reviews and they have similar shape and noise cancelling features like Beats by Dre.  I have Beats by Dre wireless headphones that I got from a charity auction.  I love them, but I know they aren’t really super affordable.


Magazine subscription

Subscribe to a year of Mom’s Favorite magazine.


Yoga classes

If Mom has never tried yoga before and needs some relaxation, this would be perfect.


A Getaway Weekend

Over the past year, we have changed our mantra a bit.  We want to travel more and since our kids are getting older, it is getting easier. One of our goals for this year was to take 3 vacations even if the vacation is only a day or 2.  We have done 2 so far and we had a blast with each of them.  We are planning another getaway in July also.  I personally think that a getaway is a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea even if you give her the gift of the getaway and plan it as a family.  Memories are made on vacation.

Mother's Day | Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Gifts for Mom

Stuff for the garden

There are tons of great gifts for Moms who garden.  The great thing about gardening is sustainability. Mom gets to teach her kids how to maintain a garden and reap the benefits of whatever is grown.



I personally love to journal.  I love to read books and take notes.  Journals are also super cheap to find and you can get them anywhere.  I usually buy just a notebook from Walmart or Target.  You could also get a special pen if you wanted to.  Something super simple and something she would probably love.


Coffee Cup

You could do a personalized coffee mug from the kids.  Even if she can’t drink out of it (in case the kids paint it or whatever) she could use it as a pen holder in the office.  It is multi-functional.


Make breakfast in bed

Start the day out right and let her sleep in and make her breakfast in bed. This obviously isn’t expensive, but it can make her day.


Personalized wine glass


You probably saw that coming.  I bought several of these glasses for Christmas gifts this year and they were a huge hit!  I love them and they are super cute!  Gina is a blogger friend of mine and she has a ton of great stuff at Mom Life Must Haves.


Cute pajamas

Moms love to relax so why not get us some cute jammies to wear.



If your Momma has an Amazon wish list, grab a few books and download them on the new Kindle


Mother/daughter date or Mother/son date

Think of a date day scenario for mom and children.  Plays, concerts, baseball games, picnic in the park, etc.


Family game day

Plan a day of fun for the whole family and be sure that you include things that Mom loves to do.

Mother's Day | Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Gifts for Mom

Give her a day off from cooking and cleaning

Yep, a little vacation day from the day to day stuff.


Get her a Gift Card to get her hair done

Does Mama like to get her hair done?  Get her a gift card for the next time she gets it done.



If she likes photography, consider buying a new camera for her.  Some ladies want more than just their cell phone for pics.  Photography is also a great side hobby for just her.  I have a Nikon D5500 that I love.  It is easy to use and I use it for the blog and to take shots when we are out and about.  I bought this whole package when I got mine a few years ago.


Concert or experience

Think about anything coming up in your area.  Would Mom like going to any of the events coming up?


There are tons of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that won’t add clutter to the house.  Think about gifts that will give memories or that will continue to add something to the family even after Mother’s Day.

What are you getting for Mother’s Day this year?



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