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Yes, I know you probably think it is weird that I am about to post how much money I make from blogging, but if you check the web, you will see that lots of others post their income reports as a way to stay accountable to their goals.  I am doing the same.  I love blogging for so many reasons, but I think mostly because it is a hobby that is all mine:)  I started a blog as a way to reach out and help other’s with budgeting and finance and I really enjoy writing.  When I first started this blog, I had no idea that people actually make money blogging.  Now I know differently and I would like to share this with you in case blogging is something you are considering.

If blogging isn’t your thing, no biggie, but I would love for you to find whatever it is that makes you happy and go after it.  Life is too short to wish for something that can become your reality.  Go make it happen!

How long I have been blogging

I have been blogging now for  over a year, but really got serious about blogging in February of 2016 as I read a book about making money blogging.  Prior to this, I had no idea that bloggers even made money blogging.  I just thought blogging was a way to share stories and provide inspiration to others which I was/am happy to do.  I love helping people in any way that I can so blogging is something that is fun for me.

If you read my last income report, you probably noticed that I lumped my earnings together as I really hadn’t been focusing on my income.

You may have read the post where I talked about the Future of Frame to Freedom and that I have decided to change my focus just a bit.  I am still going to be talking about saving money, budgeting and paying off debt, but I am also going to be talking more about health, motivation and purpose as I feel these things are all directly related.  My scope will be more focused on intentional living practices instead of just finance.  I stepped away from blogging for about 6 weeks because I just felt like I wasn’t headed in the right direction.

I prayed and did a Bible study that really helped me re-center my thoughts and helped me focus on my message.  I now feel renewed and my passion is back!  I love blogging and have so many goals related to this little blog of mine.


Anyways, you may have also read that we made a huge decision a couple months back and I decided to quit my job.  Phew…  that was a HUGE decision, but my husband and I both felt that our family needed more balance.  I actually really like working as a Physician Assistant but at this point in our lives, we desperately needed balance.

You may have also noticed that I decided to rename my site.  After lots of prayer, I just felt like this name fit me better.  I am happy that I decided to move in this direction and I have some other changes coming with the look of the blog as well.

Income Report for December 2016

I should preface this to say that this is probably the saddest income report you will ever read in the history of income reports (insert drama).

Ad Income: $89.26

Affiliate Income:  $29.96

Total Income: $119.22

I say this is sad because I have been blogging for over a year now.  I will say this though… I made a goal for the amount I wanted to earn in January and my goal was to earn $500 from my blog.  You will have to wait for January’s blog income report to find out how I did, but I am happy with the progress I have made since stepping away from my job.

The Tools I Use for Blogging

There are several tools that I use for blogging that I love


  • Convertkit.  I love them.  The email system is so easy to use and I need that since I am not techie.


  • Building a Framework.  This is by far the best resource you will find when it comes to starting your blog on a budget.  You have everything you need at your fingertips with this ebook/resource.  Abby’s Facebook group is awesome and very helpful too.

  • Boardbooster.  I have a love hate relationship with Boardbooster right now.  I love the customer service, but I don’t know why my boards get paused and things don’t work they way I think the are supposed to work.  For that reason, I am trying Tailwind right now using a Free trial.  So far, I like it. I will let you know more once I do my January post.


  • Hosting.  Guys, I have recommended 2 hosting services in the past and right now I am not feeling like I should recommend either.  I use GoDaddy, but I can’t say that I would recommend them for you.  I used to recommend Bluehost and I haven’t heard great things about them lately either.  I have heard great things about Siteground (not an affiliate link because I have never personally used them) so if you are interested in starting a blog, research them.  I know a few people who use them and love them.    I just don’t know what I am doing with my hosting yet but I will keep you posted.


I have several goals for this year including several blogging goals.  I plan to break down my BIG goals into smaller goals and include small income goals.  I mentioned above that my January goal is to make $500 from the blog.  I think it will help me stay focused on generating income and actually work on the strategy instead of just wishing the money will come.

I also plan to work on more personal development.  I fully believe that I need to develop my character more and work on improving my daily habits in order to achieve all of my goals this year.  Specifically, I have started to exercise which makes me very happy.  I think I have finally found a schedule that works for me and I am pretty excited about it!

I also signed up for another Bible study course and a live speaker at our church. The speaker is an author.  Her name is Jennie Allen and she wrote “Nothing to Prove.”  I am beyond excited to go to the event.  I will keep you posted on how it goes.

If you have a blog income report, drop the link below so I can check it out!

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