Organization is big when you are trying to maintain balance in your life.  Having things in a place where you can find them easily saves time, makes you feel less stressed and provides a sense of peace.  I have been tearing my house apart over the last 6 weeks and making sure everything has its place.  I decided February would be my month for cleaning my closet and starting my capsule wardrobe.  I have been really focused on what would work for me in the process of decluttering my closet and the list below is what I came up with. Maybe it will help you declutter your closet too.

If you are unfamiliar with the term capsule wardrobe, it is kind of like a minimalist wardrobe.  You have coordinating pieces of clothing that you mix and match.  I love the idea and honestly, I am so tired of feeling overwhelmed when I look in my closet.  I have clothes in there that I have had for years that I haven’t worn.  WHY!!!  It is so easy to let stuff accumulate and put decluttering on the back burner, but I have vowed to make this different this year.

If I really go back and look at the past several weeks, I tend to wear the same things over and over again anyways so why not get rid of stuff I am not wearing and concentrate on the clothing I love.

I have some other  big goals for this year, but I have also created several goals for home organization.  At the end of December, I went through all of the toys in our toy room and assigned a place for everything.  I also went through the kitchen and got rid of a bunch of stuff to organize it a little better and get stuff off my counter tops.  For me, if my kitchen and bedroom are clean, I feel like my house is pretty clean and I feel better prepared to handle the day.

The first step in really organizing a closet is getting rid of stuff you don’t use anymore.  The tips I give you will be how to go about getting rid of stuff in your closet to declutter and start with fresh eyes.


How to Declutter Your Closet and Keep It Clean

Have 3 Bins Close Buy

When you to through your closet, have a “Keep Bin”, “Donate Bin” and “Throw Away Bin”.  You can also create piles.  You will come across clothing for all 3 piles.  If you wear it often, you keep it.  If there are stains or holes, you throw it away.  If it is in good condition, you can certainly donate it.  This system works well and will save you time when going through your closet.

Get Rid of Anything You Haven’t Worn for a Year

This is my threshold for purging things out of my closet.  If I haven’t worn it in a year, I probably won’t ever wear it again.  I might as well give it to someone that would wear it.  I know there is the temptation to keep the article in case you should wear it again but don’t do that. It will still be there a year from now and probably unworn.

Do the Same Thing With Shoes

I hated writing that.  I really like shoes.  I have some that I absolutely love to look at, but honestly haven’t worn in years.  It make me incredibly sad to have to give them away, but honestly, I don’t think I will ever wear them again.  They were worn a lot in my single days, before kids when I could actually walk in heels without looking ridiculous. Now I just feel kinda awkward.

In an attempt to be minimalist, I will get rid of as many as I can and just concentrate on the ones that I absolutely love and can wear with the kids in tow.

Donate the Clothes as Soon as You Are Done

I have this really bad habit of leaving bags of clothing in my closet for months.  Or I leave them in the car even when I drive right by the donation center.  I don’t know why I do it, but this time I made a special trip to the donation center.  Honestly, this whole process is incredibly freeing for me and I am so excited to concentrate on items I love to wear.

Get Rid of the Hangers

If you leave the hangers there, you will be tempted to buy more clothing you don’t really need.  You can redistribute the hangers throughout your house if you need to, but don’t keep them in your closet.  Get rid of them and don’t look at them anymore.

Research What You Love

If you are looking to create a minimalist wardrobe, figure out what pieces of clothing you wear most often.  Base your wardrobe off this.  Go to Pinterest and browse fashion boards and see which one resonates with you the most. Don’t buy clothing that is in style, concentrate on clothing that fits you well and that you love.  You don’t have to keep up with fashion trends to feel beautiful.  Just being you is a gift that should be shared with the world and your style is probably pretty unique. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on clothing you love and consider getting help from a stylist if you need it.  There are also several ways to buy clothing online and save money when you are ready to add great pieces to your wardrobe.  You can check out Ibotta or Ebates.

Think About How You Want to Organize Your Closet

What do you want to include in the space?  How many hangers would you like to include?  What other forms of storage would you like?  How will you store your shoes?  Browse Pinterest again to see what you really want your closet to look like.  Having a space you love will keep you feeling at ease and less stressed and that’s what it is all about my friend.

Minimize Your Choices

This is the goal for my closet.  I want to ultimately minimize the options I have so it will take me less time to get ready each morning and I still wear something I love each day.  Most of the time when I am home with the kids I am in yoga pants and a pullover, but on the rare occasion I do go out with friends, I want to feel 100% put together.  That is the goal for my wardrobe this year.  If you have clothing you love to wear and that you can mix and match, you actually need less clothes.  Hallelujah!

Would you be interested in starting a capsule wardrobe?


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