DIY Home Décor: 10 Easy Things to DIY Around Your House

Decorating your home on a budget can be very costly especially if you are shopping at brand name stores like Pier 1.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that store too and you can find some great deals in the clearance section, but if you are doing a major renovation, things can add up quickly.  DIY home décor has become very popular.  If you aren’t particularly crafty, no worries.  There are some easy things around the house that you can DIY that will make a big difference in style without much time or money.

DIY Home Décor:  Planning for each room

  • Look around your house to see what you would like to update.  Go to each room and create a list for each room on what you would like to update and keep the list handy for when you are ready to make changes to each room.  Incorporate a small amount of money each month to your “Home Budget.”


  • Is there anything in the room that would be easy to update- DIY.  I like DIY because it gives your home more personalization.  We changed our office around a couple months ago.  I painted our accent wall and I created a custom DIY push pin board for our office and it fits our style and the new room décor.  DIY home décor is unique and much less expensive!


  • What will you need to do the DIY update.  Will you need baskets, paint, Rustoleum spray for chalkboard accent to jars, or Rustoleum spray for knobs for your cabinets?  Do you need new canisters for the kitchen?  Do the kids need some new ways to hang their art work in their room?  Think about what you would like to create and then write down a list of what you will need.  This will give you an idea of how much it will cost.


10 DIY Home Décor Ideas that are Easy:

  • Spray painting cabinet knobs.  Buy Rustoleum spray paint in a bottle and spray your kitchen or bathroom knobs the color you want them to be.  This can make a huge difference especially if they are the old brass color that was popular back in the 90’s.  This little change can add personality to the kitchen or bathroom.


  • Paint a bathroom cabinet or get nuts and paint the kitchen cabinets.  I love this tutorial for painting cabinets.  It is easy to follow and I will use it when we update our bathroom.


  • Chalkboard paint for a wall or for canisters.  Have you seen those cute canisters or people who have the cute chalkboard walls in their homes?  It is so easy!  I painted a wall in our kids play room a couple years ago and it didn’t cost that much but the kids love it.  You can also use chalkboard spray paint on things like mason jars or canisters to update a space.  You can use it for pots for a plant.  Chalk board paint is so versatile!


  • Paint a room.  It may cost you around $25 for a gallon of paint but if you don’t like the color of the space, painting is not that expensive all in all.  It isn’t too hard to paint and you may surprise yourself with your skills!


  • Wine cork or wine bottle décor.  Ok, so I am a little obsessed with wine.  If you drink wine a lot (not that I am suggesting you do over a short period of time), you can save the bottles and use them as a decoration for your kitchen or dining room.  There are cute ways to repurpose them.  Indulgy has some really cute wine décor ideas if you need some!


  • Repurpose a table or chairs.  Coffee tables, end tables, dining room table, kitchen table.  You can repurpose any of these for not that much and they would transform your space.  I like this tutorial from Simple Southern Charm Blog for redoing a table.


  • Create your own shelving.  I love these floating shelves by A Shade of Teal.  How cute are they?


  • Redo a chandelier.  Easy but elegant DIY chandelier tutorial from Pink Little Notebook.  If you have a chandelier you don’t like because of color but you could use it if it were spray painted and updated, consider using a tutorial like this to spruce it up.


  • Repurpose chairs with new fabric.  This is really easy.  I have even done it.  If you can take off the bottom cushion of the chair (assuming your chair has a cushion) you can buy new fabric and use a staple gun to place the new fabric.  All you have to do is stretch it over the old fabric and staple.  It is super easy and very inexpensive.


  • Repurpose a book shelf.  You can use wall paper for the back of the book shelf and give the whole thing a new paint color.  How fun is that!  You can use book shelves anywhere in the home- living room, office, your room, kids rooms, etc.  This would not cost much but would add personality to a space for sure.


There ya have it.  Some inexpensive DIY home décor ideas that would not break the bank but would totally give personality and update a space.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money updating your home with expensive decorations when you can totally repurpose stuff you already have.


DIY Home Decor3



What other great DIY home décor ideas do you have?

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