Have you started planning for the holidays? If not, here is a really easy and helpful holiday budget planner to get you started! There is also a free printable available!

Do you have your Christmas budget all set up?  If not, no fear.  I can help.  I just created a free holiday budget planner spreadsheet that will help make budgeting for this holiday season easier.    We started creating a Christmas budget a couple years ago and I am so glad we did.  It really helped us get our spending for the holidays under control.

We didn’t want to go into a New Year with credit card debt so our goal was to only spend money we had in our account for the holidays.  After doing this once, I was hooked.  We have did the holiday budget thing last year and we already set up our budget for this year too.

We have gotten into the habit of creating an overall budget for Christmas including how much we will need for any food, gifts, DIY gifts, decorations or anything else we will need.  We also create a list of who we need to buy for and create an individual budget for each person.  This helps us stay organized and on budget.  There isn’t any guessing.


We also write down which parties we will attend and what we will be bringing to each party.  It keeps us organized and on point with our budget that way too.

If you click here, you can download my 12 Tricks to Save Money this Christmas and get a copy of the Holiday Budget Planner we use.  It helps to keep you organized and stay within a budget.  It is seriously the easiest thing to follow and if you have more people on your list to buy for, you can print more than one copy.

My best advice would be to not let the holidays get you off track as far as your spending goes.  You want to go into the next year with focus on goals and what you really want to achieve over the next 365 days so don’t let the holidays put you behind.

Download the 12 Tricks to Save Money this Christmas and the Holiday Budget Planner by clicking here.

Download just the Holiday Budget Planner spreadsheet here.



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