Are you looking to make money at home? Have you thought about blogging? Here is a real income report from a blogger!

My First Blog Income Report

Yes, I know you probably think it is weird that I am about to post how much money I make from blogging, but if you check the web, you will see that lots of others post their income reports as a way to stay accountable to their goals.  I am doing the same.  I love blogging for so many reasons, but I think mostly because it is a hobby that is all mine:)  I started a blog as a way to reach out and help other’s with budgeting and finance and I really enjoy writing.  When I first started this blog, I had no idea that people actually make money blogging.  Now I know differently and I would like to share this with you in case blogging is something you are considering.

If blogging isn’t your thing, no biggie, but I would love for you to find whatever it is that makes you happy and go after it.  Life is too short to wish for something that can become your reality.


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How long I have been blogging

I have been blogging now for 10 months, but really got serious about blogging in February of 2016 as I read a book about making money blogging.  Prior to this, I had no idea that bloggers even made money blogging.  I just thought blogging was a way to share stories and provide inspiration to others which I was/am happy to do.  I love helping people in any way that I can so blogging is something that is fun for me.

How I started thinking of my blog as a business

As I mentioned above, I really started thinking about my blog as a business in February 2016.  I read a free book by Ruth Soukup called “The 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight” and I really started thinking about my blog as a business. I thought, “Well, if other people can do it,  why can’t I?”

Overview of Making Money from My Blog

There are tons of ways to make money blogging which makes it fun and exciting.  So far, I have only monetized my blog through 2 different strategies.  I have been focusing on finding my voice and writing so honestly, I haven’t really done too much with making money yet.  The average blogger will start making money through with their blog at about 6 months.  I did start making money in that time frame, but most of my blogs income has been over the last 45 days.  I took a class called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and that was when I really started to notice more income from my blog.


The 2 strategies in which I have earned income are:

So how much have I made so far from my blog?

Well, not a ton compared to other bloggers but I have made: $401.16

Right now the breakdown is about half and half with ads and affiliate marketing.

Yes, I know this probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but it was $400 I didn’t have before!

I see a lot of bloggers who start out and within 2 months are making money from their blog.  I am so happy for them, but that just hasn’t been the case for me and I am ok with that.  I have loved the journey so far and I look forward to all the possibilities I have with this blog.  I have learned so much about blogging and all the techie stuff that goes with it.  I have also virtually met some pretty amazing people who inspire me to be my best which is really cool.  I love having a community of people I can turn to for advice or help.  Bloggers seem to be some of the most helpful people I know.

Do you want to start your own blog?

If you want to start your own blog, check out this tutorial on how to set up your blog.  It really is pretty easy.   You can also check out the tools I use to help me blog by clicking here.  It is a free list I put together.

You can start your own blog for as little as $3.95 per month. It is one of the cheapest ways to start a business or a side hustle.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product you already use and love to others.  For example, I recommend $5 Meal Plan, The Organize Yourself Skinny eBook and a few others because I use them and love them so of course I don’t have a problem recommending them to others.  For me, these 2 things solved a problem I had with meal planning.  I don’t have those issues anymore, so I recommend these to others in case they are going through the same thing I went through.  If someone decides to use the link I use to promote the site, great.  If not, great.  I just promote what I love.  I mentioned this before, but I started making money from affiliates after taking Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiilate Marketing course.  It is one of the blogging resources I would recommend to anyone.

What are ads?

You probably see ads up on my site.  Maybe you have clicked on them before, maybe you haven’t.  Either way, it is totally cool.  If someone clicks on the ad, I make a little money.  The money I make, I put right back into this website.   In order to make money using ads, you need a fair amount of clicks which means you need a fair amount of traffic.  My pageviews are sitting around 30,000 per month right now so I do make a little money from ads.


What other ways can you make money blogging?

Well, there are sponsored posts, social media posts for a brand, you can be a blogger/brand ambassador, you can set up ads for specific brands, you can do reviews, write a book, sell your own products or courses and so much more.  The potential to earn is really unlimited which is really cool.

Check out Tabitha’s list of 80+ Ways bloggers can make money.

How do I keep up with blogging?

There are some days I don’t even have time to really log on to my blog, but other days I can devote 2-3 hours of blog time.  I usually spend about 10-20 hours per week on my blog and that is usually in the morning before everyone is awake, during nap time or if I get a few minutes after everyone is asleep.  Keep in mind, I am still working 25-30 hours per week at my part-time job, we have the real estate business and I have 2 little kids.  It is a lot of scheduling but I have found that if I batch tasks together it really helps!  Basically, I write my posts 1-2 days per week (in 2-3 hour sessions), I schedule social media posts once per week, and I do maintenance on my site once per week.  There are other tasks, but this gives you the general gist of things.  It is possible to start a blog when you have a family and work.  If you decide to start a blog for business, just make sure you look at it as a business and not a hobby.  Your mindset is key.

What has helped me along the way?

I definitely recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It helped me start earning affiliate income about a week after I finished the class.

If you are interested in starting a blog, read the free book I read about 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Income Overnight.  It is a great book to help you understand how to make money from blogging.  I also took EBA which is a course offered only once per year.  I will warn you… it is expensive (like $499 expensive) and if you don’t have it in the budget, it isn’t necessary to take.  If you can sell stuff and save up for it, the class opens in February.  You can sign up for the waiting list here if you are interested.  If not, there are free ways to learn about blogging (podcasts, different websites like Twins Mommy, Mom’s Make Cents and Start a Mom Blog.  These are some of my favorite!)

I hope this income report helps you understand a little more about the blogging world and that it is possible to make money from blogging.  It is work, but if you love to write and help people, it is very rewarding.


Do you have any other questions about blogging?  If you are a blogger, how do you earn money from blogging?



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