Do you spend hours planning meals for your family?

Do you spend hours planning meals your family won’t eat?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a step by step process to plan meals quickly and easily and make meals your family will love?

There is!  Let me walk you through the process!

Hi I'm Becky

I’m a mom to 2 little boys, a wife, business owner and a part-time Physician Assistant. After having my second son in 2014, I felt completely overwhelmed with mom life.  

My husband and I started a budget in 2014 which would transform my life as a mom.  A budget forced me to get organized in other areas of my life like meal planning (to cut the cost of groceries), reducing my spending (because I wanted to stay home with my kids) and managing my time (because I had to work full time to help support our family).

Learn to meal plan on a budget quickly and easily. Make meals your family will love and take less time planning the meals! Download the free meal planning printables to get started!
Meal planning was something that used to take me hours and I would be totally stressed every time I had to sit down and meal plan. Then I came up with a system that change the way I meal plan.  In the meal planning templates provided, I walk you through exactly what you need to do to save hours of time and meal plan in just minutes per month! With the FREE Printables, you get a copy of 50 meals that I make often to start you off with planning your meals quiclkly and easily.
Download the Meal Planning Printables to Get Started!

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