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Do you have goals to achieve, yet you have no idea how you are going to achieve them? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of how you would keep up with daily Mom life and still crush your goals?  Learn how to focus on your goals, manage your time better and get more done by using these super helpful worksheets.


Fun Summer Date Ideas that Cost Less than $10

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Ah, the season of summer.  Everyone loves to be outside in the summer so why not come up with a list of fun summer date ideas that won’t be too hard on the piggy bank.


In Ohio, it is almost like living on a different planet in the summer.  People seem so much happier and free.    When we move into spring here, it usually rains for a couple months straight.  This is after we either get tons of snow or the temperature is well below zero.  Yeah, Ohio is great (insert sarcasm).  I have been looking forward to summer because of the fun summer date ideas I have been compiling all winter.  Some we did last year and some I wouldn’t mind trying this year.  Most of our date nights are at home after the kids go to bed and last about an hour, but at least we get to spend some quality time together, right?

Once we hit summer, you see tons of people out and about and they are usually in high spirits.  They are ready to let their hair down and just have some fun outside.  If you are one of those lucky people who lives in warm weather all year round, I envy you and you have more time to enjoy these cheap date ideas!


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Fun Summer Date Ideas that Cost Less than $10:

  1. Concert in the park:  These are usually very easy to find in any area.  No matter where you live, there will be a park with free music.  Boom.  Free is always nice.
  2. Picnic in the park.  Pack a picnic and just spend some time enjoying the weather.  There are tons of snacks you can take or you can actually plan a meal.  It won’t cost much especially if you are making the food to take with you.
  3. Go for a hike.
  4. Go for a run together
  5. Play a game of basketball at the park (ladies, show that dude who the boss is:)
  6. Play tennis
  7. Watch the sun go down together
  8. Watch the sun come up
  9. Do yoga together
  10. Drive in movie.  They are usually pretty cheap.  Price them before you go.
  11. Afternoon movie.  Afternoons are usually a lot cheaper at the movie theater.  This is a good rainy day activity
  12. Go for a cup of coffee and sit outside
  13. Go for happy hour at a restaurant and sit outside
  14. Go to a farmer’s market or flea market
  15. Go to a local historical site.  Check prices ahead. Some have days that offer free admission
  16. Picnic at home with another couple or do a potluck with a crowd.  Each couple brings a dish to share
  17. Go swimming.  Call around to local pools and see who offers admission at low cost.
  18. Go berry picking
  19. Visit beautiful trails in your area
  20. Reserve a book from the library and pick a spot outdoors to read and just be together
  21. Have fondue night and make it a challenge to keep the ingredients under $10
  22. Buy a bottle of cheap wine (or 2) and have a wine tasting outdoors.  Check cash back sites for deals on food and wine. This is my favorite cash back site to use for everything!
  23. Ice cream party.  Buy a half gallon of your favorite ice cream and make sundaes
  24. Take advantage of outdoor church activities
  25. Have a fire and make s’mores
  26. Take a mini road trip
  27. Plan your goals for the summer together
  28. Go do a dive bar and play a game of pool or darts
  29. Go to a local high school baseball game
  30. Make grilled pizza together
  31. Try a new grill recipe or a recipe from the $5 Meal Plan menu– I signed up recently for the $5 Meal Plan to help me save time planning my meals for the week.  The meals are delivered straight to your email inbox with the corresponding shopping list.  I really like it so far.  The meals are easy to make and affordable.  It would be fun to try something new as part of date night.  You can click here to find out more about the $5 Meal Plan.
  32. Go for appetizers and drinks at a restaurant.  Check coupons and you can find some great deals!
  33. Go for a bicycle ride
  34. Go for a walk at night and look up at the stars.
  35. Talk about your dreams and goals as a couple
  36. Have a water balloon fight
  37. Tackle a DIY project-  here is a list of easy things to DIY around the house
  38. Plant a garden together- choosing just a few plants to start out with if you are new to gardening
  39. Play some old music and reminisce about the past.
  40. Bake cookies together
  41. Visit a winery and share a wine sampler
  42. Play on a local playground (without the kids)
  43. Play some board games outdoors
  44. Research historical sites around where you live and plan to visit one each month during summer
  45. Dollar Date- go pick out your favorite candy at the dollar store and your favorite dollar themed activity.  The Dating Divas have a great dollar theme idea too.


Date nights do not have to be expensive.  There are literally tons of fun summer date ideas that probably aren’t even mentioned in this list! Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and you can totally have a blast with your significant other.  I have found that Greg really just likes me to try something that he loves to do.  I find that it really makes a difference when I put a little effort into trying something he likes.

For example, Greg is all about pulling out old photo albums and going through them to tell me stories about his past.  He has a lot of great memories from his old high school and college days that he likes to share with me.  I think because it has molded him into the person he is today.  Secretly, I think he feels that he has grown leaps and bounds and he likes to take me back to when he was kind of a dweeb.




Greg knows that 2 of my favorite things to do are cook and take walks.  Secretly, I hate when he cooks with me because I like to have total control over my kitchen and he is a messy cook.  I just prefer my way of doing things.   I like to meal plan  because it saves me time with planning my meals and money on our grocery bill.  He tends to be a spur of the moment planner and eater. (That makes me nuts).

I prefer to slow life down and take walks.  It is totally free but it gives us that time to connect with one another.  Life is so busy having 2 little kids and we rarely get time to just talk just the two of us.  When we do, that time is precious to me.  We usually just talk about our dreams and our goals, but honestly those moments are really what defines our relationship.  We share the same goals and we are both very passionate people.

Taking the time to just spend with your loved one just doing silly things gives you such awesome memories.  Dates do not have to be expensive.  Make them fun and creative.  I hope you find a few fun summer date ideas from the list above:)

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