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It’s no secret that we all  have lots to do and what seems like little time to accomplish everything.  There are certain things you can do to improve productivity to get more done each day.

How to Get More Done On Your Daily To Do List

Get up early

I know that sleep is a luxury and if you have a family, it can be super hard to get up and get going before the rest of the family, but getting up early can really improve your productivity and help you get more done on your daily to do list.  You can really set the intention for the day and get your mind in order before getting to the rest of your day.  If you have trouble figuring out how to establish a morning routine, you can check out what I do here.  I also recommend checking out Crystal Paine’s course Make Over Your Mornings.  It is a great course that will teach you how to get the most out of your day with starting in the morning.  You can sign up here to get a peak at the first day.

Get up at the same time each day

Even on weekends.  I know it is awesome to sleep in, but if you are looking to really be as productive as possible, consistency is key.  Along the same lines, figure out when you are the most productive.  For me, it is definitely morning.  If I go to bed too late and try to get up early, my productivity is terrible.  I can’t think as clearly and I can’t get as much done on my daily to do list as I would like in a certain time frame.  When I go to bed too late and even get up a little later, it still throws me off.  I love being able to think super clearly and get as much done on any given day as I can.  I think my husband hates how much of a creature of habit I am, but I can’t help it. I am a little Type A in this way.


Create an evening routine

If you want to have a successful morning routine, I suggest having a successful evening routine too.  These routines don’t have to take a lot of time either.   You can establish an awesome morning and evening routine for 15-30 minutes per day depending on what you want to get done.  Crystal also has a course called Make Over Your Evenings.  You can check out that course here.

My evening routine consists of creating a to do list for the next day, packing lunches, making sure shoes for the kids are put in one spot and making sure all clothes are set out that way the kids can get up and easily get dressed

I have been using a great oven baked omelet recipe that I make one morning and can reheat for breakfast for another few days.  That helps me with the morning chaos if I have something to eat for breakfast.

Along the same lines, if you know you are super productive at night time, maybe it would make more sense for you to get up later in the morning and really monopolize your evenings.  My husband is a night owl and he is definitely more productive in the evenings after we all go to bed.

Create Systems to Make Life Easier

Think about what you do daily or weekly that you can create a system for.   I love having systems in place for things I do routinely because it takes less mental energy and I have more time to focus on other things.  The more systems you create, the less time you spend on those daunting activities so you can focus your time on other things.  For me, meal planning was that daunting task so I created a meal planning system that works for me.  Whatever task stresses you out, try figuring out a system to get it done faster that way you don’t have to think about it as much or let it consume you. You will thank yourself.  If meal planning is stressful for you, you can check out my meal planning system here.

Create a System for Your Finances

Ok, well actually Greg did this, but it helps my life significantly too.  We automate as much as possible.  We know exactly when things will be paid and they are paid online.  For us it works.  My husband and I meet to talk money every 2 weeks.  We talk about how we are doing with money, if we are meeting our goals, how close we are to paying something off and we talk about our net worth.  We do some traditional investing in 401K’s and IRA’s, but we also have rental properties that we manage so we talk about how they are doing.  We talk about whether or not we need to save for future repairs or upgrades and we talk about when we can purchase our next property.  We use a couple different methods to track our spending.  He likes to use pen and paper (you know, the stuff before we had computers) and I actually started using a couple money tracking apps that I like.  I like to use Personal Capital and Mvelopes.   They each have little features that I like so I use both.  You can check out which other money tracking apps I like here.


We automate our rentals as much as possible

Since I brought up the rentals, I might as well tell you how we go about creating a system with them.  We have one realtor that we use and love.  We have a few different contractors and handymen because some of them may be busy at the time we need someone for a project. We have standard paint colors, flooring, cabinets, hardware and all of the other renovation stuff we may need for projects so that reduces our time with making decisions when we need to renovate.  We have plumbers, electricians, heating and cooling people we use regularly.  It just makes it easier to have people you know and trust to work on places with you.


Up until December 1st, I was working part time, managing everything for the kids, writing or my blog and working on projects for the real estate business.  It just go to be too much with Greg not always being home as he travels a lot for a living.  I ended up quitting my job and my last day was November 30th.

Whenever you see something that stresses you out in life, try to think about how to create a system to automate it and make it easier.

Decision fatigue is a real thing.  If you constantly worry about the little things and have to make too many decisions, you will get worn out.  That is when stress happens.  Creating systems improves productivity and honestly make life easier and you can get more done on your daily to do list.  Save the decision making for the big things and create systems for all the others.


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