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How to Do Your Hair and Makeup in 15 Minutes or Less

Over the past couple of years I had changed my morning routine as far as doing my hair and makeup. As a mom,  I know you are limited on how much time you have to get ready in the morning but you still want to look put-together and feel your best. I have been experimenting with different hair and makeup routines and I finally found a few things at work for me.



First Hair Tip- Use a Straightening Brush

About 7 months ago, I started using a straightening brush to straighten my hair instead of a flat iron. I watched an advertisement on Facebook and I was interested in trying the straightening brush to see if it would actually straighten my hair and to see if it would help speed up the time it took me to straighten my hair. I ended up buying  a straightening brush from Head Kandy that broke about 4 months later. I was incredibly disappointed.


After contacting the company, they require that you pay another $25 plus shipping and handling if your product breaks within the first year. The product itself was already $90 and I really wasn’t comfortable giving them more money especially for a product that only lasted 4 months.


I ended up going back to my flat iron for a couple of weeks but was very unhappy with how my hair looked.   I did notice a difference in the time it took to do my hair and I noticed I had so much more volume with the straightening brush.  My hair seemed to look flat and lifeless with the flat iron.   


I talked to my husband about spending money again for another straightening brush. This was an internal struggle for me because I don’t like to spend a ton of money and I had just spent the $90 from before.  I was reluctant to even buy another one, but I knew it took me less time to do my hair and I was happier with how my hair looked with the straightening brush.  If you have naturally straight hair, I am so jealous of you.  I have wavy hair so I have to do something with this darn hair mess everyday.


Mh husband gave me the go-ahead to buy what I wanted.  I started checking reviews for other brushes and the InStyler straigtening brush had great reviews on Amazon so I decided on that one.


We ended up going to Bed Bath & Beyond that day and we found a 20% off coupon online. We found straightening brushes there and found the exact InStyler brush I wanted. I’ve been using the straightening brush now for over 3 months and I love it. I can straighten my hair in about 3 minutes each morning (after blow-drying it).   So the total time to do my hair is less than 10 minutes and that is with blow drying my hair and using my straightening brush.





Second Hair Tip- Sleep in Curlers


The other great hair tip I can let you in on is the Sleep Styler.  I saw this premier on Shark Tank and it blew me away.  (We are big Shark Tank junkies in this house.) I loved it and thought it was brilliant for moms who have no time to get ready in the morning.


The QVC lady Lori Greiner ended up taking the deal and now the product is in Walmart and on Amazon (it is cheaper on Amazon too).  It is probably all over but these are the 2 places I have looked for it.  I actually bought mine at Walmart.  The price there was $19.99 compared to Amazon where it is $12.99.  


Anyways, you take a shower at night, let your hair air dry for a few minutes, put in some leave in conditioner, then put the soft curlers in and sleep in them.  When you get up the next morning, you take them out and spray your hair with hair spray.  If I do this, I can be ready in 7 minutes! It takes about 2 minutes for me to fix the front of my hair and 5 minutes to do my makeup.  That is it.  It is life changing.  Here is a picture of how my hair looks after I use the curlers.




I get tons of compliments when my hair has soft curls.  I actually took this picture to send to my sister to show her because I was telling her about the product.  Because you know, once you find something you love, you have to share it with everyone!

There are 2 sizes of rollers also.   There are the large 6 inch rollers which are best if you have long hair that goes past your shoulders and 3 inch rollers which are perfect for shorter than shoulder length hair.  I will link to both in pictures at the bottom. 


I use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in product before using the curlers because it helps to contain the frizz.  Important tip:  Let your hair air dry before putting in the leave in product.  It allows the product to work better.



Make Up Tips

The other big tip that I figured out over the past year is to really streamline your makeup routine. I have a very small amount of makeup that I use each day.  I did spend a little bit more on this makeup but I’ve had it for anywhere between 8 months to a year and it is good quality makeup that I love to wear.


Here is what I use:

Foundation:  Naked Foundation– comes in a ton of shades

Eyeshadow: Naked 2 Palette (very neutral palette that I LOVE)

Lip Stick:  Wet N Wild Matte lipstick

Lip Gloss: Wet N Wild clear lip gloss

Blush: Physicians Formula

Mascara:  Lash Blast (not a big fan though so I am not linking to that)


When choosing a makeup routine, make sure you’re very comfortable with what you’re wearing. Make sure you’re comfortable with the coverage, the shades of eyeshadow, blush, etc.  Then start to purge all of other stuff you have.  It will take you less time in the morning if you have less to choose from.  Decide on a makeup routine that you love and toss everything else.  It is so freeing!


I ended up getting rid of a lot of my  make up when we moved in August. I found out that I wasn’t using a lot of it and it was just causing clutter in my bathroom.


Since getting rid of the makeup, I now have a very streamlined makeup routine that I use every single day which is helped me get ready faster and save time in the morning


I also don’t have nearly as much clutter underneath my bathroom sink which is awesome. I’m a very big fan of decluttering to help reduce overall stress levels. When you have more stuff, you have more stuff to move around and clean. This causes extra stress that just isn’t necessary.  If you need help getting started in the decluttering process, here is a checklist of things you can clean and declutter in 5 minutes or less


It used to take me about  45 minutes to an hour to get ready each day and now it takes me approximately 25 minutes if I take a shower in the morning (not at night) and straighten my hair.


Here is a video so you can see how long it takes me to do my hair with the straightening brush.



If you don’t include the time it takes to shower, then it takes roughly 15 minutes for me to do my hair and make up and get ready.  These products have been life changing for me and they will be for you too Momma.   Whenever you streamline routines, you don’t have to rush around as much which means you start to remember more- like not forgetting lunches, school papers, birthdays etc.  


Wardrobe Tip:

The other thing that helps me get ready faster  is having a capsule wardrobe. I have less decisions to make on what I’m going to wear each day  and I know I’m going to like what I’m wearing because I have fewer clothes in my closet and the ones that are there, I love.  I use Stitch Fix to help me with capsule wardrobe pieces.  You can check out my latest Stitch Fix unboxing over on YouTube


If you’re interested in starting your own capsule wardrobe, here are the 8 pieces that I recommend starting with.   You can also check out this checklist on figuring out your style and how to create your own capsule wardrobe.


Getting ready in the moring doesn’t have to take forever.  There are things you can do to speed up your monrning routine, save time in the morning and still look and feel put together. 


What are your favorite products to use?


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