Wow!  These goal setting printables have helped me set my personal goals for the year and helped me figure out how to fit them into my already busy schedule!  I love the template of things to get done in 5-10 minutes!  Awesome! #goalsetting #personalgoals #timemanagement
I know Mom Life is super busy, but I also know that you have goals that you want to achieve.  It can be hard to find time to juggle it all. 

  • You want to lose weight, but can’t find time to exercise


  • You want to budget, but can’t find the energy to go over your budget 


  • You want to write a book but have no idea where you will squeeze that in. 


  • You want to start your own business but you struggle to find the time to manage your household, meal planning, work and taking care of the kids. 

What if you could get more done in less time?

If you want to achieve a goal, it is so important that you know how to spend your time.  There will always be laundry, cleaning, organizing and picking up to do.  The key is to not let that stuff take up too much of your time.  Focus on it and get it done.  But more importantly, make your goals a priority.
I love the task lists!  They are such a great idea and they help keep me focused on what I am doing! Jen

I love this! I totally just signed up for them because wow do I need these in my life right now! Bre

I really like this and it felt very relevant to me. I can definitely use it!! I can already think of a few goals I can use this for?  Pam

Make your goals a priority each day and keep working toward them.  Create systems for all the day to day things you do like meal planning, budgeting, cleaning, and decluttering so these things can get done without putting too much thought into them.  If you feel overwhelmed, use the task list provided to get started

What You Get

  • Instruction guide on how to use the worksheets to get more done


  • Daily focus sheet to write down 3-5 goals you have for the day, things around the house you may want to accomplish and accomplishments for the day.  This will hold you accountable to yourself so you make sure you are moving forward.


  • Essential time management tips moms need to know to get more done in less time.
You will also get 2 focus sheets of tasks around the house that take 5-10 minutes, 10-15 minutes and 30 minutes to complete.  Set a timer to get these things done that way you focus on one thing at a time.  When you focus on one thing at a time, you are able to get more done.

Grab the time management printables to help you focus on your goals, manage your time better and get more done in less time!

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Do you struggle to set goals?

These sheets will help you design the life you want!  Download the free sheets and answer the questions.  Then start setting goals based on the life you want to live!

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