The Best Way to Keep a Gratitude Journal


I started to put the practice of gratefulness into my daily ritual about 4 months ago. In all honesty I had kinda done it before but not like this.  This new practice was a whole new way of keeping a gratitude journal, but let me tell you, it is the most effective way of being grateful and practicing gratitude daily.


Often when we think about what we are blessed or grateful for, we think of only the good things right?


But what if you took the time to be thankful for even the hard stuff?



The hard stuff like the weight loss plateau or fight with your spouse.



The hard stuff like a medical diagnosis that rocked your world or the hot tempered child you are raising.



The debt you are in or the medical bills that are on your desk to be paid.



It is way harder to be thankful for those things and in all honesty we tend to think of those things as burdens right?



I know I used to until I realized that there was meaning behind each and every struggle.  Each struggle is an opportunity to grow into the person you need to become to be used to your fullest here.  When we start looking at the struggles as opportunities for growth… shoot, life changes.



The weight loss plateau- yeah it sucks, but maybe it is a lesson that is there to teach you to dig deeper or try something you haven’t tried before. Keep reading and learning but don’t give up



The fight with your spouse…it means your communication is off. Don’t think of it as another reason to head for divorce, instead think of it as a way to learn more about your spouse, your relationship and what it means to be married. Marriage is a sacrifice. You won’t like each other all the time (can I get an amen sister) but with each fight is an opportunity to grow as a couple. I’ve been on the side of terrible fights and by the grace of God , He has helped us through them. (Not to mention he sent us to a sweet therapist.)



The medical diagnosis may absolutely suck but you are still breathing right? What do you need to learn to live a healthier life? Who can you talk to? What specialist do you need to see? Are you strong in your faith? Who can pray with you?


Every breath is a gift. Every minute with family and friends is a blessing. We take that for granted so often even though it can be taken away in a moments notice. Waking up each day and having a body that moves is an absolute blessing. Start by taking the time to be thankful that you are given the chance to live another day and then go to work figuring out how to live more. Be thankful for the opportunity to learn more about your diagnosis and ways to manage it.



The child that has a temper (hello toddler years)… God is challenging your resolve. He has given you this child to pray over and love regardless of their demeanor. Focus on how God sees this child. He sees them as perfect in His image (even though I completely disagree as the child is screaming in the grocery store😂). Pray for their emotions. Pray for their obedience. Pray for them to know Him. Realize that they will have bad days as you have bad days. Give them grace and teach them what that means early on (and then pray that they have a child exactly like them…boom).



Debt… oh the debt. Money is a very common reason for married couples to fight. Likely you and your spouse will be totally opposites when it comes to money. So let’s look at debt in a new way. Let’s say thank you for the house I live in. Thank you for the car that I drive. Thank you for the credit card debt and thank you for the ability to go to work to pay towards all of these gifts.



You are capable of changing any aspect of your life that you want to change. Start by being thankful for the struggle and then thankful that you are smart and confident enough to make a change that will increase your happiness.



The problems in your life do not have to be permanent. See them as lessons to be learned and you will grow like weeds in the summer.



Being grateful is a wonderful daily practice to start because it is part of what having a positive mindset is all about. Holding onto that positive mindset is essential to achieving some of your big goals.


Have faith that even in the biggest struggles, God is walking with you through them.  Learn from them.  Grow because of them.  Help someone else who is going through what you went through.  



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