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We all have bad days here and there.  For whatever reason, things can set us off to have a terrible day and then it’s over from there.   Maybe you were in a good mood in the morning, but by the end of the day, your attitude changed because of something someone said or did.  It happens to all of us.  Here are some ways to change your mindset to not only get through the bad days, but to look for a reason to have a better day or improve your mood.

1. Realize that you are human.  We all have days where things do not go as planned.  It is ok.  Grant yourself the patience to know that not all days will go as planned.

2. Read something inspirational.  Taking just a few minutes to read a quote that you love can convert your thinking back to the positive.  Think about the quote and why it means so much to you.  One quote that I love in particular is “The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow.”


We all go through tough times there is no mistaking that, but you can still have a rainbow at the end of your bad day.

3. Do something nice for someone else.  Just do it.  If you see someone struggling in some way, offer them a hand.  It will not only help the other person, you will feel good also. If you don’t believe me then try it.

4. Go meditate for just a few minutes or pray.  I am telling you, the more comfortable you get with these two practices, the more you can transform you life, not just a bad day.

5.  Listen to one of your favorite songs and dance around.  Yep, get your butt up and shake it.  The happy hormones will flow and boom bad day is gone.  It is even better when your kids laugh at you when you do it.  When they laugh, you laugh.


6.  Exercise for 5 minutes.  Do some push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, just get your heart rate up.  More happy hormones.

7.  Finish a project at home.  If you started cleaning out the toy room, your closet or hall closet, go finish it. It will boost your mood when you get something done.

8. Take a bath or warm shower. Preferably listen to music while doing so. Both things at once can improve your mood.

9. Take a short walk. Walk and just appreciate nature. Look up to the sky and just realize that you are a very small part of this earth. Get away from the stress for just a minute.

10.  Read a funny story. Laughter is great medicine when you are having a bad day.

11.  Write in a journal. Write down what happened and tear it up. Just the act of tearing up the paper can signify that the bad part of your day is over.

12. Go for a drive. Drive around your favorite neighborhood for a few minutes. Not more than once though because that would be a little creepy.


13.  If you have some time, watch your favorite TV show or inspirational movie.

14.  Drink 2 ounces of alcohol. If you like that sort of thing.  (Hello wine bottle)

15. Cook or bake your favorite treat.  Never hurts to make something you love when you have had a bad day.  If you love to cook or bake, the actual act of doing this can boost your spirits.


We all have bad days. It is a natural part of life. It just happens. Just because one part of your day is not optimal doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself out of the terrible mood. Try a couple of these suggestions if one doesn’t work right away, do something else.

My favorite one is number 3. It is probably the best one you can do with the biggest reward. Good luck!


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