How to Overcome Struggles in Every Aspect of Your Life

As I sit here writing this, I am munching on a mug cake. Have you ever made one of these before? I make then when the kids go to bed and I want a sweet treat. I have been trying not to indulge in too many sweets and the mug cake is the perfect sweet treat that you only enjoy once (without leftovers!) It is perfect when my hubs is out of town. (Sorry Greg!)

Anyways, this week on Facebook and Instagram, I have been sharing details about our flip project we are doing and I have been sharing about how to face struggles. We all face struggles from time to time and recently, I read a book that really changed the way I view life.

The book is called The 7 Decisions. I have been slowly savoring this book and finally finished it this week. It challenges you to take a good, hard look at your life and dig deep in your emotions, hopes and dreams. This is all stuff I am really into by the way. I want to achieve some of my biggest goals and I read a lot personal development books so again, this thing was up my alley! 

One thing the author mentions is that challenges should be looked at as a gift. I had to read that twice! But when I got to thinking about it and thinking about some of the biggest struggles I have gone through in my life, I noticed a pattern.

I noticed that with each struggle, I have grown. I have learned a lesson and I have grown. Struggle = Learning+Growth. Simple formula my friends. Do you notice what struggle does not equal? Quitting.

Guys, I literally almost gave up on writing and blogging this year. I was literally letting it slip away from me until The Traveler’s Gift landed in my lap and I started reading it. That book lit a fire under my big ole butt and then The 7 Decisions started the inferno. I have been doing Facebook lives a lot and my love for Instagram has taken off.

Guys, we have a lot going on in our lives and I came to realize how much of a blessing it is that God has given us each one of these opportunities. Are we doing everything right? NOPE. Not even close. But back to what Mr. Andy Andrews says in his book. “Challenges are gifts.”


Each challenge we face… we grow stronger. We grow stronger in our business, in our marriage, in our problem solving skills, in our community. We grow stronger.

So I guess the dude was right.

I can see how challenges are gifts. I started waking up each morning and exercising again because I don’t want to take my health for granted.

I started writing down as many affirmations as I can think of and I started journaling daily again. I also started writing down blessings each day.

It has literally changed the outlook on my entire day. If that doesn’t get me in a good mood, I will listen to really loud worship music in the morning and sing at the top of my lungs. That does it for sure and then I have nothing to be sad or upset about.


I have a whole new level of faith right now. I have faith that God is in every part of my life just waiting to show off. I have faith that God is in yours too.

In the area that stresses you out the most and in the every day mundane… He is there. I don’t have a single doubt about it. If you are struggling right now, pray and ask God to handle the struggle and then be brave enough to let Him handle it.

No matter what.

Just yesterday, Greg and I were worried over how in the heck we are going to make it work with taking care of all 3 investments that we have and getting them done before winter (which by the way in Ohio means any day now).

We stopped for a minute and I said “Greg, I refuse to look at this as anything but a blessing because we have 3 amazing houses that need fixed up in our area and God trusted us with each of them.” We both took a step back, slept on it and then came back with a fresh set of eyes and made a plan to tackle one at a time. 

Over on Instagram you can see the bits and pieces of the flip house we are working on. I am super excited about it…Eeeekkkk!

Anyways, what I want you do take away from this post is that you will face struggles and obstacles in your life.

What you NEED to know is that these are nothing more than learning lessons that will cause growth. Don’t give up on goals and dreams because you hit a road block. I’m not. In fact, I would rather face obstacles daily and sit in the hard than take the easy way out. I would rather get dirty in the mess of life, than sit back and watch it pass me by. What do you choose?

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