Embrace imperfection

This should seriously be my mantra.  “It’s not perfect, but it’s done.” Do you ever feel guilty about not completing something or think you did a poor job on something but just didn’t have the time to make it perfect?  I know I have. Here is the thing Momma. I don’t want you to feel guilty for imperfection. Instead I want to feel like you did the best you could because let’s face it, you have only so much time to spend on each task- am I right?

I want you to take a moment and celebrate all that you have accomplished instead of beat yourself up for what you didn’t get done.


So what if your floors aren’t clean.  You got to drink coffee and be with a friend for an hour instead.


So what you didn’t dust your house for 2 weeks,   I promise you the world won’t end if you don’t dust your house. (You may sneeze a bit more but the world won’t end.)


Maybe you decided to play a game with your kiddo instead. Give yourself permission to be present in the moment and enjoy those around you and not sweat the little stuff.


If you have been around and read this blog for awhile, you know how imperfect I am.  There are often misspelled words, grammar mistakes, problems with my images, and so much that is not perfect but you know what…. I still write on this little blog because it is my passion and I have people who reach out to me and tell me I brighten their day.  I am far from perfect and I am totally ok with that.

Momma, don’t beat yourself up for your imperfections either. Instead give yourself grace for the things you don’t get done or that are only half complete.  Know that you did your best and move on with life. Don’t compare yourself to other moms out there either. They may seem put together, but they struggle too.

Give them a little grace too.

Your purpose in this life is to bring others up. You will feel whole, centered and full when you help others. Look at each day as an opportunity to give back to someone. You will feel amazing when you do.

Smile at the cashier at the grocery store

Spend some quality time with your husband.

Snuggle your kids a little more.

Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.



This is my favorite. I always liked to play it safe. I was always the introvert who would listen instead of talk until this past year.

Over the past year, I really started to find my voice and my identity in who I am.


I have learned that being uncomfortable is so much fun. Scary, but fun.

I started attending a church group with other Moms who challenge me to be better.  It is awesome.

I started meeting people in our neighborhood by randomly knocking on their door with cookies.  That is hard, but fun.

I signed up for a church retreat this weekend, something I never would have done a year ago.

When you are uncomfortable, it means you are growing. When you are uncomfortable it means you are taking risks (hopefully positive risks and not driving down the highway at 90).


Getting uncomfortable means that you are reaching further than you ever thought possible and and stretching yourself in new and exciting directions.


You know that passion you lack or the lack of ambition to get out of bed?  That will change the moment you decide to get uncomfortable.

I remember the feeling I had in 2014 of not wanting to get out of bed and I honestly think some of it was feeling like I didn’t have a purpose here.  I liked having goals to strive for, but I didn’t have any at the time.  That stunted my ability to grow big time.

As stupid as this sounds, I joined an MLM company and started getting up every morning to learn about the products and the sales aspect of the company.  It lit a fire under me and that’s how I found personal development books.  I never continued with the MLM company because I am horrible with sales, but I found my passion with writing because I took the chance with the MLM company.  I started a healthy living blog (that I don’t write for now) and found that I loved helping people through writing.

This passion has helped to get me out of bed at 5 AM every morning since.

Momma, if you feel like you don’t have a purpose here or you don’t feel passionate about life, I want you to know that you do have a purpose here and you have unique gifts that God wants you to use.  Sometimes we forget what those gifts are because of the busyness of life, but those gifts are still there.  Spend some time thinking about what your gifts and passions are.  Then, start taking action and using those gifts!  We need you!


I decided on 3 words to characterize 2018:




3 very big and scary words but awesome and life changing words nonetheless.  Looking at these words on my vision board each day challenges me to get uncomfortable, take action and make an impact in some way.


It’s like I have to answer to myself if I don’t keep my end of the bargain and I don’t want to feel like I let this year slip away and not go after my goals and live for these 3 words.


So yes, my motto is “Its done but it’s not perfect” because I have so much to do here.  I can’t make a difference by cleaning my house 24/7 but I can make a difference by reaching out to others and building them up.

I can make a difference by encouraging those around me to use the gifts God has given them.

I can make a difference by teaching my kids how to be kind, respectful, and loving toward their peers.

So go make a difference today and don’t worry about getting everything perfect.

Imperfect pictures of us

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