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That time of year is rapidly approaching.  The time when you get out in the yard and clean up all the leaves and sticks and start thinking about the outside landscape.  We all love it when our homes have great curb appeal, but when  you are on a tight budget, outdoor landscaping may be the last thing on your mind.  I am here to tell you that landscaping on a budget is possible!

Don’t worry.  This article will give you some ideas on how to keep the weeds at bay and how to landscape in a minimalist way to make the house look nice, but not break the budget.

First, I am going to be honest… I hate pulling weeds.  I ABSOLUTELY hate pulling weeds.  I am the worst at landscaping and I know nothing about flowers.  I do not have a green thumb and most things I do plant die.

There ya have it.  My blunt honesty on why I will never have a blog on gardening or planting.  Anyways, if you are in need of some simple, manageable tips to help with curb appeal, this article is for you.

Here are a few tips for landscaping on a budget:

  • Use card board to prevent weeds.  Sounds nuts, but it works. Greg and I took as much free card board from Sam’s club and BJ’s Wholesale Club as we could get our hands on last year because we wanted to try this trick I found on Pinterest.  The website is .  You basically fit cardboard to the base of your flower beds, wet it down, then mulch over it.  I will tell you it worked because we used this trick at the beginning of spring last year and I barely pulled any weeds.

landscaping on a budget

  • Buy perennial plants.  These babies will come back year after year.  It prevents you from having to spend money every year on new plants.  It is worth the money.  Find something on the cheaper side that you like and they will come up year after year.


  • Do the landscaping yourself.  Get down and dirty in your yard.  Depending on how much land you have, it may be a bit of a project, but you will get to see the fruits of your labor when the job is all done.  The key to landscaping on a budget is doing at least some of the work yourself.  It actually can be fun to see all you have accomplished when you are done.


  • Ask a friend who is garden saavy to help you.  Ask someone you know who has a green thumb for recommendations on where to buy plants and where to put what.  I did that last year so I had a list in hand when we went to look for our plants.

landscaping on a budget

  • Buy mulch in bulk.  If there are landscape companies where you live, call them and ask them how much they charge for mulch by the yard.  It will likely cost less to buy it from them than buy it in the bag.  We figured this out last year and spent tons less than we had in previous years.  Try to pick it up yourself.  Some places will deliver but it will be cheaper if you can pick it up.  If you don’t have a truck or a trailer, ask a friend if you can borrow one.


  • Choose plants  with minimal labor.  If you are anything like me, you want your outdoor area to manage itself.   In order to make the right flower and plant choices, ask your friend with the green thumb to help you find plants that suit your lifestyle.


  • Make sure you choose plants that are right for certain areas.  Make sure you select plants based on needed sun exposure.  Choosing the right ones the first time means you won’t waste money on plants later.


  • Consider using herbs or plants as decorations.  There are multiple ways to display your lovely tomatoes or herbs as outdoor art.  Check out The Cottage Market for really cool ideas on how to make your garden look magical.  I love this idea because not only are the herbs and plants creative decorations, they are edible and useful.  If you shop at Aldi, you can get seeds for as little as $0.49 cents per pack right now. Totally a steal!

landscaping on a budget

  • DIY with stuff around your house. Have an old tire lying around the house? Great, a perfect potter to use somewhere in the yard. Have an old bucket? Awesome. Get a can of chalk board spray paint and repaint that baby! There are tons of ways to repurpose old things to give them new life. Get creative. It’s fun.


Making your yard look better does not have to cost a lot of money. A little creativity can go a long way and you can be so proud of what you come up with. Look around the garage and the basement to see what you haven’t used in a while and see how you can bring it to life again in a different way. You may be surprised how resourceful you can get. Oh and drink some cheap wine while you are working in the yard.   Just makes it more enjoyable:)   Have fun!

What other ways can you think of to save money on landscaping costs?


Cheap landscape ideas | Landscaping on a Budget | DIY Landscaping Ideas




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