This probably seems like an odd post.  I am sure most people don’t walk around discussing the things they suck at, but I am going to be very candid in discussing some things I have not been good at lately. I think that there is a benefit to failure and that is learning from mistakes and failures


Here is the cold hard truth.  I have failed big time with keeping up at everything I normally try to do.  I have been in a bit of a slump and forcing myself out of it has been a challenge.   Every human being has times when they just aren’t on their “A” game and mine has definitely been the last 2 weeks.


Failure #1:

I haven’t worked on my blog for 10 days.

This is unfortunately a reality.  I haven’t done much writing, interacting, commenting, tech stuff at all over the last 10 days to 2 weeks.  I have an editorial calendar (thankfully) and I have some posts scheduled ahead of time that have been going out on time.  If I hadn’t scheduled posts ahead of time, there would not have been any posts.  That is the sad reality of it.  Why?  There are a billion reasons why I haven’t been super into blogging, but I think that the main reason is:  I needed a break.  I needed time to re-energize and rethink my posts and my direction.  I needed to ask and figure out what my readers need.  I don’t want write posts that aren’t helpful to others.  I want to help people with whatever I can and I think I really just needed to step back and really analyze what it is I am doing with the blog.  I have said this before, but I love writing and blogging, but more than that I love helping people.  I needed to really evaluate whether or not my posts were helpful for my audience.

I came to the realization that I don’t think I am being true to the message I want to get across and I intend to post more about motivation as lots of people are struggling to stay motivated.  What good is a budget if you can’t stay motivated to follow it?  I also want to hone in on purpose and passion more.  I truly feel I have found my passion and something I really enjoy doing so I want to help others find theirs. To me, freedom is living the life you envision in your head and really living out your purpose.  I will continue posting tips on how to get the most out of your money, but I also want to help with tips on how to successfully manage your everyday life on a budget and how to stay motivated.  You know what I’m saying?


Failure #2

 I haven’t eaten well.

I have been terrible with healthy eating lately.  I love to eat well, but boy I have been off track.  I can tell that it has been too long that I haven’t been eating well, because my body and mind feel the difference. I experience reflux, irritability and sadness when I don’t eat well.  Hence why I try to follow a balanced diet and eat to fuel my body.

I have been on the eating crappy train for about 2 weeks and my waistline and my attitude show it. Yesterday was my first day back on track and I already feel better mentally and somewhat physically.  Nobody is perfect with diet and I certainly am no different.   Have you ever noticed that when you eat well, you feel better overall?


Failure #3

 I have felt depressed and sad.

This goes back to number 2.  Whenever I eat junk, my mind starts to wander into a sad and depressed place.  When I eat badly, I feel sluggish, tired and I lack energy and motivation to do anything. The bad thing is, I let that mindset get to me for wayyyyyy toooooo looonnnngg!  I know that in order to change my mindset I need to do a few things:  pray, eat well, do what I don’t want to do anyways, and get back to a routine.  My husband just got home from work yesterday and he now is focused on getting things done.  I need my mindset to be the same as his in order to accomplish all that we need to accomplish.


Failure #4

 I haven’t cleaned my house in a month.

Don’t judge just yet.  I vacuum the floors everyday, I sweep the kitchen floors daily and I empty the dishwasher and do laundry, but beyond that, my house has been neglected.  Yes, that sounds disgusting, but I am telling you the whole truth (scout’s honors).  When I feel down and sad and crappy, I can’t fathom cleaning.  I just don’t care that much.  I care more about playing with my kids and seeing my family than cleaning my house.  The whole month I basically prayed no one would come over.  (It is getting better in case you are planning on popping in 🙂


Failure #5

I have made some mistakes in the design of our new real estate investment.

This one still fries me.  I hate when my husband is right.  We usually are pretty good about making our rentals almost brand new.  The last house we renovated seriously took just about everything out of us so the house we just purchased looked awesome compared to the last one.  Our big debate was whether or not to leave the kitchen tile or replace it. The kitchen floor has a tan color tile which I really don’t mind. We usually replace the floors throughout and keep them consistent.  I decided to leave the kitchen tile intact for this house to save some money.  Now that the renovation is almost done, the floor kinda doesn’t flow in the house.  It is ok, but now I have to live with Greg’s taunting.  Gah!


Learning from Mistakes

Even though I have been pretty out of it lately, I realize that the thing I need most at this time is grace.  I realize that I won’t be in this mindset for the rest of my life and the thing that keeps me sane is prayer. I need prayer to survive the day and get past the dark and dismal spot I am in and back into the light.  I need people around me and I need to force myself into doing the things I don’t really want to do sometimes.  (If for no other reason- things need to get done.)


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