Date nights with your spouse are a must! Find out why in this article!

Dating should not stop after you say “I do.”  In fact, it should be a requirement in marriage in my opinion. Our lives get so busy with work, kids, school activities, and other events we choose to go to that we forget to make time for each other in marriage.

Dating is essential in keeping the relationship healthy.  It give you the time to communicate with your spouse and gives you the time to actually focus on each other.  The pressures of life and all the day to day activities take away from the bonding time that is necessary to have a successful marriage.

Dating gives you the opportunity to actually listen to each other.  It gives you the opportunity to really talk and experience fun just as a couple, before the kids were in the picture.

You may be thinking, “how in the world do I fit this into my schedule” or “how can we afford a date night on a budget?”  The answer, you can.  Date nights do not have to mean an expensive dinner, movie and mini golf all at one time.  There are lots of activities you can do that are inexpensive, but still give you that time with your spouse.  For at home date night ideas, check out this post I wrote a few weeks back.


Here are 9 reasons you should never give up date nights with the other half:

  • You need quality time with them.  It is always important to work on your marriage.  You have to make marriage a priority.  Life gets so busy we often put our spouse on the back burner.  You never want them to feel like they aren’t important in your life. Make it a point to be with them and work on the relationship even if date nights aren’t as often as you would like


  •  It’s fun.  I am sure you remember what it was like before kids right?  Remember how much fun you had prior to being spit up on and peed on?  Yep, you need to have fun like you did before you had kids and other responsibilities


  • You want to show your kids how to have a good relationship.  Marriage takes work.  Parents are role models to their kids in every aspect of life. Relationships are no different. We are the ones that show our kids how to have a successful relationship. Dating your spouse is important because it shows the kids that we want to spend time with our spouse over any other activity we could be doing.

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  • You will have a strong relationship when the kids are out of the house. When the kids grow up and go to college, you and your spouse are the only ones left. Keeping your relationship strong for the long haul helps make the transition to empty nesters easier.


  • You actually have time to talk about your hopes, dreams and goals for the future. I don’t know how many times Greg and I will sit down and try to talk about something and one of the kids start talking over us or we have to jump up as one of them are close to falling down the stairs. Just saying. Adult conversation is impossible with kids around. That is if you want to talk for more than 2 minutes at a time.


  • You can talk about issues that come up in marriage.  Date night gives you the perfect opportunity to bring up something that you are struggling with in your marriage.  No relationship is perfect.  They all require work.  Having time to yourselves will give you the opportunity to talk about anything you are struggling with as a couple.


  • You get to try new things.   Try making date night fun and exciting by doing something you two have never done before.  Try creating a date night wish list.  Think of 10 things you and your spouse have always wanted to do and schedule them throughout the year.  For example, cooking classes, pottery class, dance lessons, whatever you can think of.  Scheduling them throughout the year will give you time to budget for them also.


  • You learn new things about each other. Just because you got married doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about your spouse. Maybe trying a new activity will bring up an old memory and you learn something you never knew before. It’s fun to learn something new about your loved one.

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  • You prevent divorce. Think about it for a second. If you always make time for each other, doesn’t it make it less likely that you will get divorced? If you make time to talk about the things that come up in marriage or talk about each other’s needs, it makes it less likely that the topic of divorce will come up.


Bottom line, dating is so important in marriage for so many different reasons. You have to continually work on marriage and what better way to do it by spending quality time with your spouse.

The frequency of date nights are totally up to you and they honestly don’t even have to be outside of the house if the budget doesn’t allow for it. Get creative with in home date nights or routinely plan for outside of the home date nights that way they are always in the budget.

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