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Meal Planning Comparison:  $5 Meal Plan vs. MyFreezeEasy

I have a meal planning problem.  There, I said it.  I love to plan my meals to take the stress out of knowing what’s for dinner.  We love to eat at home and we learned that it saves us a significant amount of money when we plan out our meals.  I started using $5 Meal Plan last year because I needed more recipe ideas and I loved it.  I had heard about My Freeze Easy from a few of my online friends so I started reading more about it and learning how it is different from $5 Meal Plan.  


First, the $5 Meal Plan and My Freeze Easy are owned by the same person.  Her name is Erin Chase.  She is a master at saving money on food.  She has a large family so she came up with meals that worked in her family and she started sharing what she learned with other people.  


The $5 Meal Plan is basically a meal planning service that costs $5 per month for 7 dinner ideas and one sweet treat idea.  You get an email once a week (normally on Fridays) with the recipes and the shopping list for everything you need to make those meals.  

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The Pros of $5 Meal Plan


I used $5 Meal Plan for about 7 months so I could get lots of different recipe ideas.  Prior to using $5 Meal Plan, I just felt like we were eating the same things over and over again and I wanted to some new ideas of what to make for dinner


I looked forward to getting the weekly emails.  I noticed that a lot of the spices that she used, I already had in my cabinet which was nice and saved money.  


The recipes were good and often very kid friendly which is a bonus for anyone with small kids like our family.


The program was also very easy to use.  You get the meal plans emailed to you directly which makes it nice.


It fits in the budget.  It is only $5 per month to get a ton of new recipe ideas.  I also printed out our favorite recipes and keep them in a binder which makes it super easy to go through and plan meals.  I am able to plan about 2 weeks of meals in about 30 minutes because I have my binder full of recipes.


I started using My Freeze Easy about 6 weeks ago.  It is completely different that $5 Meal Plan.  First, the cost is a little more.  There are 3 different purchase plans for My Freeze Easy  It is $12 per month or $36 per quarter or you can pay yearly at $120 and get 2 months for free.

Meal Planning | Meal Planning on a budget | Freezer cooking | Healthy Meal Plans

When you join, you are taken to a back office with several different meal plans.  You can choose from clean eating, traditional, dairy free, nut free and tons more.  It is like a customized meal plan.  You get to pick and choose what meals you want to make and what will work for your family.


The Cons of $5 Meal Plan


Not all the meals were allergen free.  That is kind of our preference with having a little one with a dairy, egg and nut allergy, but I know that isn’t an easy thing for a meal planning service.

The other big negative was that not all the meals were what our family would eat.  Some of them were Thai recipes and we just don’t like Thai food.  


That is just our personal preference and this may be different for a lot of people.  I noticed that this was a big one on the Facebook group for $5 Meal Plan though.  A lot of people said that their families just weren’t interested in some of the meals.  That can be a big negative especially if you are paying for a service.  


I have heard that there may be a customization plan in the works so check it out if the $5 fits your budget for meal planning.


My Final Thoughts on $5 Meal Plan


For us, I think the $5 Meal Plan worked out for what we needed it to.  I have a ton of recipes that I can refer to and it makes meal planning so much easier for me. It saves me time which is a huge bonus.  Dinner time is busy especially for most households (ours included).  The $5 Meal Plan did relieve the stress of knowing what’s for dinner and helping us eat at home more often.  

Meal Planning | Meal Planning on a budget | Freezer cooking | Healthy Meal Plans

The Pros of My Freeze Easy

You get to customize the meals.  I love that I have the ability to customize meals since we have a little one with food allergies.  I also like that I am not limited and I can choose whatever meals will work for my family.  If we don’t like Thai food, we don’t pick the Thai recipes.  There are tons to choose from which makes it very nice.


You can print out the recipes and store them in your binder as well.  It makes it easier if you have things in one place so I suggest printing out your favorite recipes and placing them in a binder.  I am telling you it will save you a ton of time when you are planning meals.


You have the option to batch cook or make one, freeze one.  Basically, you can buy the ingredients and cook everything to freeze at the same time or you can make a meal for the week and freeze the exact same meal so you have it in your freezer.  It is less overwhelming with the second method if you have never done freezer cooking before.

Meal Planning | Meal Planning on a budget | Freezer cooking | Healthy Meal Plans

The Cons of My Freeze Easy


It is a little confusing to use at first.  It is overwhelming when you see how many meal plans you have to choose from.  I was overwhelmed at least.  Erin does go over everything and she shows you how to freeze the meals during the week while you are making a meal or you can choose to batch cook and freeze meals.  I prefer batch cooking and freezing because then I know I have meals in the freezer already.


It is more expensive.  The cost is definitely more than $5 Meal Plan. I do like the customization better though.  There is no customization with $5 Meal Plan (or at least not yet).  


There are meals in this plan that our family would not eat, but again, you have the option to customize which is awesome and you don’t have to make those meals which is awesome.

Meal Planning | Meal Planning on a budget | Freezer cooking | Healthy Meal Plans

Final thoughts on My Freeze Easy


I would have to say that  My Freeze Easy just a tad better than $5 Meal Plan and I think it is because of my kiddo with food allergies.  I like that I can customize the menu and choose the meals that we are likely to eat.  I like that I can batch cook quickly and the meals aren’t complicated.  I like that they are kid friendly and my family will eat them.  

The biggest difference that I see with My Freeze Easy and $5 Meal Plan is the ability to customize a bit more with My Freeze Easy.  If you follow Clean Eating you can do that with My Freeze Easy.  If you are big on using your crock pot, this would be the meal plan for you to use.



If meal planning is something that stresses you out, these 2 meal planning systems are very affordable, offer very healthy options, and are great for busy working moms.  I am happy that I have gotten the chance to try out both systems and figured out which one works better for my family.


You can check out MyFreezeEasy by clicking this link and you can learn more about $5 Meal Plan by clicking here.


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