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Are you tired of spending hours meal planning?

  • Save time:  You don’t have to spend hours each week trying to plan meals and feeling frustrated because it takes SO LONG to plan a week of meals for your family.  With The Busy Moms Guide to Meal Planning, you will take back your time by setting a foundation to plan your meals quickly and easily.  


  • Stick to a Meal Plan:  Have you ever planned out all of your meals for the week only to forget what you planned to make or found that you couldn’t stick to it?  With this guide, you will discover what you can make from your pantry in case you forget to take something out of the freezer.  You will save so much money using this trick!


  • Make dinners your family will love:  No more dreading dinner because nobody will eat it.  You can make dinners your family will rave out (even the pickiest of eaters)


  • 50 meal plan ideas to jumpstart your meal planning success

“Becky does a great job providing a simple method to get started meal planning, even when you are a total beginner. Her use of a rotation menu is exactly what I learned in dietitian school! This is a fantastic resource for busy families who find it challenging to get dinner on the table every night.” Ana

I love the idea of meal planning, but really had no idea where to start. Becky has fantastic ideas for how to organize your shopping list as well as your meal plans, and for staples to make life easier. My kids will be so happy when they see what they’re getting for lunch next week! Thanks, Becky! Sue

This meal planning guide makes so much sense.  I spend so much less time planning meals and I added meals to my list that I had forgotten I liked!  Thanks Becky! Kim

It can be so frustrating…


You sit down to plan dinners for the next week with 3 cookbooks and your phone open to Pinterest.  The next thing you know, you have spent 2 hours flipping through the pages of the cookbook and scrolling throught Pinterest trying to plan 7 meals! 


You wonder if all Moms do this or if there is a better way…

Meal planning doesn’t have to stress you out!

You wonder why it takes so long.  You also think of what you ate last week and realize you didn’t even stick to the meal plan for last week!  You get frustrated because you have a picky eater in your family and wonder what to make to please everyone.   


You wish you could simplify the process of meal planning becuase it should not be this stressful!



There is a better way, Momma.  With The Busy Moms Guide to Meal Planning, you discover how to streamline your meal planning routine so you spend just minutes each month planning quick and healthy meals for your family.  You learn ways to handle picky eaters and how to stick to the meal plan you create.  

Meal planning doesn’t have to take tons of time.  I want to help you as much as I possibly can so I included some pretty awesome bonuses!

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