Last year, I decided to choose a word that I wanted to describe my 2018.  Well, actually I couldn’t choose just one so I came up with 3 words.  You may have heard me talk about them already, but I think that it really helped me push past some fears and grow in 2018.  My words were:


We moved to a new neighborhood at the end of 2017 and decided to meet some our direct neighbors so we baked some cookies and knocked on some random doors.  That was a huge step for me because I am usually not one to meet total strangers, let alone knock on their door and hand them a plate of cookies.  Normally, I would come up with any excuse possible to avoid putting myself out there, but nonetheless, I pushed through the fear and did it anyway.  Thankfully, Greg was there to help me too.

We also helped neighbors shovel their driveways on snow days which my boys absolutely loved.  It was  a really great way to get out and develop relationships with those around us.

We were also invited to a number of parties in 2018 and again, most of the time, I would shy away from too many events because I’m an introvert, but we said yes to as many as we could and new relationships have developed from intentionally saying yes.

In our businesses, we grew our party rental business and made twice as much as the year before.  We hired our first full-time employee with our real estate investing biz and Greg and I both became more involved in nonprofits that we love.  Greg will be the president of the board in 2019 for his nonprofit (Refuge of Hope) and I was just voted onto the board for Tiqvah in the last few months.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve and big things are happening in both organizations.  It is amazing to see God work.

We also decided to become realtors (mostly because our friend and realtor convinced us to take the leap and just do it.  We still miss her…)

Oh, and I created a goal planner (and journal in one) which was a long time dream of mine.  It turned out awesome and I love it!

In 2018, I also decided to create a vision board.  Most of it was centered around having an organized home and I had a picture of my dream car hung up on it.  I actually just removed most of the elements I had on my board to prepare for 2019.  My plan is to change it every quarter this year and to have the vision board reflect the goals I have for each 90 day period.  I think this will actually help me in achieving the goals I have for each quarter.  Also, I will hang up my word for each 90 day period.

So let me jump right into that.  I think having a word (or words) helped me stay accountable this past year to making sure I was living up to how I wanted 2018 to be.  When I looked at my vision board, I had to ask myself if I was keeping up on my end of the bargain with making an impact, getting out of my comfort zone and taking action.  It was a powerful tool for me and if you do it, I bet you will find out the same thing!

So my word for the first part of 2019 is:


I think that for the first part of 2019, it is a good word to have because I have a lot of goals with each part of my life.  I am helping to meet with new churches for Tiqvah.  I am marketing a new rental item for our party rental biz and I want to make sure that I am consistently helping my kids learn and grow as well as myself.

I have a goal this year to get really good at public speaking.  I am obsessed with motivational speaking and books and I feel like it is the next step I need to take to grow.  I joined Toastmasters to learn how to be a more effective speaker and I am really excited about it.  My goal is to be very consistent with going to the meetings and learning as much as I can to get become a more effective communicator and speaker.


I have been very good about exercising 3 days per week over the last quarter of 2018 so my next goal is to exercise 4 days per week.  I use Beachbody on Demand which is $99 for a year and I don’t have to think about which workouts I am going to do.  I stream it onto my smart TV and get it done before 6 AM.  It has been incredibly helpful for me to stay consistent with exercise.  In the past when I was going to the gym, I would fall off the wagon because I could never find a time that worked out for me.  This has been a game changer for exercise.

To be honest, eating healthy hasn’t been as good (hello holidays) so the plan is to get back on track.  I am spending some of today planning healthy meals and updating my meal planning binder.  My kiddos just started Tae Kwon Do and the absolutely love it, but that means we are at the dojo 3 days per week.  That means I have to have a plan with dinner so they can either eat when they get home from school or we can eat when they are done with Tae Kwon Do.  Either way, it means I gotta have my stuff together!  Having a meal planning binder helps a ton so I have ideas of what to make, but as I go back through it, I have to make sure I have enough crock pot meals for the days they have Tae Kwon Do.

So, the goal is to be consistent with all of my goals for the first quarter of 2019.  Maybe that could be your word too if you feel like you have big goals but you have struggled with consistency.  Here are the specifics with my goals for the first quarter:


Meet with 9 new churches and 3 new businesses to form partnerships and awareness to what Tiqvah is.  If you are part of a church and you are looking for new ways to help out here in Canton, reach out to me and I would love to tell you about Tiqvah:)

Party Rental biz:

Reach out to 10 businesses, PTO’s, people about renting our new photo booth and to build relationships.  We love our little business and are so excited about the potential to expand.

Real estate biz:

Sell the flip property and finish at least one of the other properties we have.  We bought 3 properties last year that need renovated and we have one on  the market.  Jered is working on another one and I think (fingers crossed) it should be done in 4-6 weeks.  We aren’t sure if we are going to list it or rent it yet.  I’ll keep you posted.

Personal Growth:

Attend Toastmasters meetings every other week and read 2 books per month (or listen to them in the car).  Continue to write and post on social media and the blog.   Social media at least once per day and hopefully one post or video per week.

Exercise 4 times per week and eat healthier (eat fruits and veggies 4 times per day.  Plan out meals and stick to the meal plan.)

Continue with my morning routine (because I love it and it has helped my mindset so much)  Write in my planner daily and try time blocking more this year to get more done.

I’m excited for 2019 and hope that you are too.  I would love for you to share your goals or share a word that you are thinking of for 2019!  Happy New Year!

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