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Shopping can be done from the confines of your own home.  I often wonder how many people buy clothes from an online store.  How do you know which store to buy from?  Do the clothes fit?  Do you only buy clothing from store in which you know the sizing?  There are so many variables that come into play when you consider buying clothes online.  So my question is, do you buy clothes from online stores?

I know as a mom, I am not a fan of shopping with my kids.  I don’t know if I am the only one or not, but I make it a point never to go shopping for myself with the kids.  I do not like trying stuff on because generally that means I am trying to A) try clothes on, B) play referee and C) make sure no one escapes from the dressing room.  It is more stress than what it is worth.  If I need to shop or buy new clothes, I try to make sure Greg is home before doing so.

If by some rare chance I need something and I have to shop with the kids, I buy it, bring it home and try it on.  It is less stressful that way for me.  I hope I am not alone in this.



I guess online shopping would be about the same though, right?  I could just shop and order online, try stuff on and send it back if I don’t like it.

Well here is a guide for you if you are considering buying clothes online.


  • Use the sizing chart.  Most stores have a sizing chart somewhere on the page when you are perusing the site.  If you click on something in particular, look to the right of the picture or underneath the picture of the item.  That is commonly where they will have the sizing guide for you to look at.


  • You can hire an online stylist. The article posted on Monday – Clothes You Should Be Spending More On- would fit perfectly with this recommendation. There is an online styling company called StitchFix who hire designers to fit your needs. You basically fill out a very in depth questionnaire regarding what you are looking for and they assign you a stylist to fit your needs. There are other companies out there that will do the same. I am familiar with StitchFix as I have used them before.They charge a one-time styling fee of $20 and then after that you just pay for whatever you want to buy. They also give you a discount if you buy everything they send you.I tried the service when they waived the $20 fee and it was nice that I had the opportunity to try the clothes on at home.I didn’t end up buying anything from that “Fix,” but I really liked what they sent out. They matched me with what I put in the questionnaire so I would recommend that if you are looking or some classic pieces and you like to shop at home, that you give them a try. You can always wait until they waive the fee again like I did.  Oh, and the shipping and handling was free. That was awesome.jeans-828693_960_720[1]
  • Know what your measurements are. This will definitely help if you have not gotten clothes from a particular store before. Knowing your measurements will help when you look at the sizing chart.


  • Shop places you would go to frequently. If you shop at Target a lot, you will probably be familiar with the sizes you wear there. It makes it easier if you want to buy something from that store online when you already shop there regularly.


  • Look for free shipping.  I do not particularly like to pay for shipping.  Around most holidays, there will be offers for free shipping from most stores.  Take advantage at those times to save on shipping costs.


  • Check  I love that little website.  They post offers just for online shopping so check it out quickly before making any purchases.  You can save some cash.  Just thought I would throw that in here for a heads up so you can save money.


  • Be aware that clothing may look different in person.  I have gotten a few things online before and some patterns I ordered looked vastly different in person than on my computer screen.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  • Don’t overspend because it is easy to shop at home.  I have done this.  That’s why I put this in here.  It is so easy to purchase items with just the click of a button so just make sure what you are purchasing is something you actually need.


Bottom line, shopping online is practical in our busy lives.  It can be a less stressful way of getting what we need since it involves just looking online and clicking a button to buy.  I do think it is a nice alternative to actually going to the store and having to try on a bunch of different outfits, but keep in mind you may not like what you get.  Make sure to factor in the shipping expenses when you are buying online also.



Do you buy clothes from online stores?

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