Are you looking for ways to make healthy meals at home, but you don't want to spend a lot of money? Check out the system that she uses to plan healthy meals and save time and money doing it!


Do you struggle to stay organzied?  Do you often find yourself throwing dinner on the table last minute or ordering pizza when you really want to eat at home, save money and eat well?  Yeah, I hear ya.  Organization is kind of a struggle for me.  There always seems to be so much going on and so little time to get everything done.  I know that in order to save money on food, I need to plan my meals so I tried a couple different things to see if it would help and luckily it did.

This post is a review of the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook.  I love Tammy and her blog.  I have referred to her website probably for at least 2-3 years for recipes and I came across here eBook recently on how she meal plans and it cuts so much stress out of her life.  If you want to find out more about here eBook, you can click here.

In her book, she tells you to identify which meal stresses you out the most and for me, it is dinner.  I don’t like to eat the same things over and over again and I know for me it is easier when I have things planned out in advance.  After reading her book, I felt more prepared with a strategy to meal prep.  I also signed up for the $5 Meal Plan recently because I needed variety and I am really glad I did.  All of the recipes get printed out in a binder and when I am about to go grocery shopping, I flip through the recipes, write down what I need and then come home and freezer prep my meals.  The $5 Meal Plan gives you dinner recipes every day for only $5 per month.  I honestly cannot say enough good about the meal plan.  We have a kiddo with food allergies so we do tailor the recipes at times, but I love having so many options with what to make now.  You can check out the $5 Meal Plan here.


When I read through the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook, there were actually several other ways to meal plan that I wasn’t really aware of.  Tammy, the author of the book, discusses freezer cooking as a way to prep meals ahead of time.  She also talks about the many different ways to approach freezer cooking.

I didn’t know there were several.   I thought you had to cook everything until it was done and then freeze it.  Nope.  Not the case.  You don’t have to completely cook a meal all the way through before freezing it. That was my “Aha” moment.

Let’s face it, I have 2 small kids, I work 30 hours a week, Greg travels for his job so he isn’t home all the time and we run a side business.  This Momma doesn’t have time to sit in the kitchen for hours trying to plan or prep meals.  It just isn’t gonna happen. (Update:  I recently quit my job which you can read more about here🙂

What I really enjoyed about the book was there are so many practical ways mentioned to plan and prep meals and she breaks it down into manageable and actionable steps you can take in order to make healthy meals for the family.

I also really liked the book because Tammy talks about how getting organized with meal planning helped her lose weight and get healthy.  It is such a reasonable, actionable and sustainable method.  If you are in the spot where you want to lose weight, live healthier and sustain your weight loss, this is a great book to read.  The approach she took with diet, exercise and organizing her meals is exactly how people lose weight and keep it off.  I loved talking to my patients about this kind of info when I worked in Cardiology.


If you are in the process of making better food choices, this book will give you several great strategies to organize your food in a way that will help you stay on track with eating healthy.  That is very important to me.  I like eating healthy food and I generally eat 5-6 times per day.  We already have a method of how to plan healthy snacks into our grocery budget, but I felt like I needed some different options and help with in the meal planning department.  If you want to learn more about the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook, click here.  The book is really great, I highly suggest it, and it is only $9.95!

What I liked about the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook and how it helped me save money on food:

  • I noticed we didn’t waste as much food.  It is easy to throw stuff away when you don’t plan your meals.  When all meals are planned out, I tend to use pretty much everything that I have. I noticed we were wasting food recently so this helped to get me back on track.  It helped me save money on food because we actually were using the leftovers.
  • I planned out our meals for 2 weeks (possible small grocery store run for milk and bread).  I was planning meals once a week before reading this and it sucked.  I don’t like to take the time to do it every week.  It just makes me unhappy.  Two weeks seems better.
  • It was a lot less stressful to think about dinner.  I had meal ideas ready to go so it was so much easier to just pick one from the list and not have to think about it.
  • We had plenty of options for meals (leftovers for lunch was nice and easy for me).  I didn’t have to think about what to have for lunches.  It was another way to save money on food with having leftovers instead of having to plan meals for lunch.
  • I spent less on food (always a win).  Ching Ching!
  • I actually started using a meal planning service that helps me with meal ideas also.  It is called the $5 Meal Plan and I love it!  I actually use the ebook and the $5 Meal Plan together to save time with planning new meals and save money because we are using all the food I prepare.  I use the partial freezer method the meal ideas from the $5 Meal Plan.  The $5 Meal Plan is awesome.  You get an entire month of dinner ideas emailed to you for only $5.  Like I mentioned before, dinner stresses me out so this has been a big time saver for me.  If you would like to check out $5 Meal Plan, you can click here.

What I didn’t like about the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook:

  • I thought there may be more recipes in it.  Not a big deal all in all.  Tammy has a ton of great recipes on her website at Organize Yourself Skinny


That’s about it.  I felt better prepared to tackle my meal planning after reading the eBook which I really liked.


Here are a few of my favorite recipes from Organize Yourself Skinny:

Berry Baked Oatmeal Cups with Almond Streusel Topping

Chicken Sausage and Peppers Personal Pan Pizza

Homemade Taco Freezer Kit

Slow Cooker Italian Shredded Beef Sandwiches

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Burrito

I just read the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook and I found it to be very helpful. I was able to save money on food and save time on planning my meals

After reading the book, this is what I did.

I came up with a list of meals we normally eat.  I wrote these down along with any ingredients that I would need when I went grocery shopping.  I did not write down meals we would eat on each particular day.  Instead, I wrote down all of the meals I could make in a week and would ask my husband the morning of what he wanted.  As I mentioned, I work a lot of evenings so it is easy for me to get something out of the freezer the day I want to make it.


There is a lot of info in the book so if you decide to buy the eBook, take it one step at a time. If you are interested in learning more about the eBook, click here. Do not get overwhelmed because it can be so easy to get overwhelmed if you aren’t used to meal planning.  Take it a little at a time and you will be successful in creating a system that works for your family.  I will be plugging in all of the meals I planned into a worksheet on the computer to save for a rotating menu as I really think this will help too.


Food is expensive.  Finding ways to cut back and save money on food will significantly help your budget.  Being organized with food preparation is a great way to use the food you have, reduce waste and save money on food.  It is also a huge time saver during the week when things are stressful and sometimes chaotic.

I just read the Organize Yourself Skinny eBook and I found it to be very helpful. I was able to save money on food and save time on planning my meals.



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