Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do in a day?

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Let me help you take control of the everyday chaos.

For most Moms, decluttering and cleaning their homes is a big stress.  If you feel like you don’t have time to declutter, I can help you.  This list is a good place to start with purging unnecessary things from your home.  It breaks it down further into:

  • What to purge from the living room
  • What to get rid of in the bathroom
  • Things you can get rid of from your closet and more

There is also a sheet with 10 Questions to Help You Decide What to Declutter

I struggled to find systems that worked for me when I had 2 little ones under the age of 3.  I was desperately trying to figure out how to manage everything in a 24 hour period and it felt impossible.  I did not know how other Moms did everything that they did and they made it seem so easy.

Then my husband and I started a budget.  We wanted to pay off debt so we didn’t have to work so hard.  My role was to keep our food budget under $450 per month.  I thought that was crazy, but we had big goals and I was all in if it meant I could be home with my kids more.   I learned how to meal plan and perfected it so it only takes me 15 minutes per month now.  If you struggle with meal planning, I can help you!

This meal planning system is so simple, yet it saves me so much time.  I can plan meals quickly and easily and know that my family will eat them.” Kim

Meal planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming and take hours to figure out.  You can plan healthy meals for your family in minutes and I can show you how.

I don't wnat you to feel overwhelmed. I want to help you create systems so you feel in control...

Time blocking is another technique to help you organize your day.  It helps you plan everything out that way you know when you are going to get everything done.  It is a game changer for your productivity.


I used to run around and forget a lot of things and now that I time block and write everything down, I can stick to a schedule and accomplish way more.  When you write things down, it is much easier to focus on what you need to get done.

We started budgeting and paying off debt in 2014 and I was skeptical I could really stick to a budget.  I am the spender in our marriage, but one of the first things I did was calculate our expenses for the prior 30 days and I was shocked by how much money we could actually be saving.  We wrote down:

  • Our Debt
  • Income
  • Expenses and
  •  And filled out a budget sheet just like the one provided

We paid off over $75,000 in just under 18 months.

Imagine if you started a budget today and got your finances under control.  Paying off debt opens up new doors for you.  You could spend more time at home, take more vacations or invest any way you want to.

Creating systems for our budget, meal planning, and taking care of our home significantly reduced the everyday stress I was feeling. Learning a few time management techniques like time blocking helped me get more done during the day in less time.

Printables included:

  • 5 Essential Budget Sheets you need to start paying off debt
  • Action Workbook for when you feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start
  • 50 Time Management Tips because I know you are busy
  • The Meal Planning Worksheet I use to plan meals quickly
  • 50 Things to Declutter Right Now to help you get started with getting your home organized
  • and 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Declutter

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