The following information is for any visitor to the Simply Intentional Life website.  This is my Privacy Policy and Cookie policy written by me and not a lawyer in English so it can be understood in compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation which states that businesses should make their privacy policy “concise, intelligible and easily accessible.”

Simply Intentional  Life is written by me, Becky, and the purpose of the website is to help and encourage my readers with daily mom life.  I do not have any other employees, virtual assistants or anyone else working for me.

I do not use any personal data and to be honest, I don’t know if I use cookies or not.  If this concerns you, let me know and I can try to figure it out.

If you sign up for something free that I give away, I will ask for your email address and your name. That’s it.  I like to help people and when I offer a freebie, it is a way I can connect with you on a more personal basis and you will be added to my email list.  I send a helpful newsletter once a week (every Saturday) and usually send a helpful tip, a free challenge or a product that I recommend that may help you tame the everyday chaos of motherhood.

You are not ever required to buy anything from any email that I send you.  These are just suggestions of products that have helped me in my own life and it is up to you to decide whether or not you think they would work for you.  There is also an option to unsubscribe in every single email so if at any time, you want to get out of my newsletters, you can and I will totally understand!  I get it… you are busy and sometimes you don’t want any other emails to read.  It’s ok, Momma!

My email carrier does store your email address and name just so I have it to use for my email newsletters which go out every week.  They do not do anything else with your email address.

If you are on my email list, I may use your email address to run a Facebook ad.  Basically, you may see an ad from me on Facebook or even on Pinterest.  You might even like to see my smiling face on Facebook too, who knows!

I do have a Facebook Pixel installed and basically that means that I am collecting some data on clicks to my site.  That’s it.

I also use Google Analytics which is a way to look at how many people look at my site.  I don’t store any of this information and to be honest, I don’t know what half of the stuff on Google Analytics does.

If you purchase a course or ebook from me… Thank you so much!  I truly appreciate it and I want you to know that I do store your email address and your name.  You will likely also be added to my newsletter.  I want to connect with you and get your feedback and I would appreciate any feedback you have on any of the products you buy.  I want them to be the best and that can only happen with honest feedback.  I also deliver the product through email.

When I say that I store your email address, I mean my email provider (Convertkit) and my payment processor (Gumroad).

I never store or see your credit card information.  Gumroad does and they have a separate privacy policy and disclaimer on their site.

There is a new thing that has been instituted also.  It is the “right to be deleted and forgotten.”  You can certainly do this if you would like and I have not problems if you would like to do this.  Either unsubscribe to the emails or email me letting me know and I will delete you permanently.


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