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Renovation Tips:  How to Save Money on Home Renovation

If you are getting ready to renovate your home, there are a number of ways to save money on the cost of renovation.  It is so exciting when you decide to update your home, but if you are trying to renovate a home on a budget, it may seem overwhelming and stressful.  This post will give you helpful renovation tips on how to make your home beautiful…. on a budget.

First, I love to tell people to plan.  Plan out what you want to renovate and why.  Why do you need to renovate that space.  Is it to make it more functional or to simply update the aesthetics of the space.  I personally feel that when things are pretty and organized, you tend to feel better and like coming home.  When you come home and the house is messy and you can’t stand being in a room, you tend to wish you were in someone else’s home.

Here are 5 Renovation Tips to consider before you even look at paint colors:

  • Which space is the most important to renovate right now and why?  Is it the kitchen?  Bathroom?  Master bedroom?  What bothers you the most about your house?  Start there.  You don’t have to update everything all at once.  That could get very costly.  Consider what you dislike the most and start there.  Create a priority list.  What rooms would be second, third, fourth, etc?  This will help you fit renovation costs into your budget.


  • What don’t you like about that particular space?  Look at what you need to be doing in that space. For a living room, how much storage do you need?  Do you need extra space for video games to be kept or books?  Consider this when planning your renovation budget that way you know you will get what you want when you renovate the space.


  • How much needs to be done?  Can you repurpose any furniture in the space?  If you like the antique look, it is very in style right now.  There are easy DIY ways to renovate cabinets and furniture without spending a bunch of money.


  • What is an overall reasonable budget for the renovation?  Start thinking about it now.  Don’t wait until you are in the midst of renovation to begin thinking about the budget.  Planning is the key to successfully saving money and one of the best renovation tips I can give you.



10 Design Renovation Tips to Consider:

  • What is the overall theme of the renovation?  Modern, Vintage, Contemporary?  What kind of look are you going for?


  • Do you need to paint?  What colors are you interested in for the wall colors?  Are there any rebates on the paint at your local store?  Check if the store offers any rebates.  It is definitely worth looking into.  You can also look for any coupons before you buy.


  • What pieces of furniture will you need and can you look for pieces at a second hand store to update your home?  That’s where the renovation tips from above come in handy.  You know what you need for the space, so now you can look around for great budget pieces that you can put your stamp on.  Fun!



  • Do you need any curtains or other window treatments?  I love shopping at Marshal’s and TJ Maxx and have good luck finding curtains there.  Walmart actually has a good selection also and they aren’t very expensive.


  •  Do you need any special design elements?  Photo frames, wall clocks, paintings or art work?  Are  you going to do a special picture collage of some sort?   Do you need new silverware?  Are you looking for a new dining room table?  Consider all of these elements when calculating your budget and consider which ones you don’t want to skimp on.  It’s ok if you want to have a nice table.  Just consider more DIY for something else in the house.


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  • Do you need to replace flooring?  If so, what type of flooring have you considered?  Are you thinking about carpet?  How about laminate flooring?  Hardwood?  Would you need a decorative rug if you used hardwood or laminate?  Think about all of the possibilities of what you will need to make the space what you want it to be.


  • If you are renovating the kitchen or bathroom, can you keep the cabinet?  We are planning on redoing our bathroom in the near future and I love the shape of our bathroom cabinet, but I don’t like the oak color.  I plan on repainting the cabinet and just replacing the countertop and sinks.


  • What do you love about the space as it is?  You can totally build on that.  What is the best part about the space?  That might actually help if you are having trouble coming up with a theme for your room.


  • What are the small things that would make a huge difference?  Kitchen cabinets can be painted and you can add hardware to the cabinets.  That would be inexpensive compared to buying all new cabinets.  We just did a kitchen renovation in the duplex we just bought (we bought it as a real estate investment) and trust me, buying new cabinets can certainly add up!  Can you add a backsplash for more character?  Could you get away with painting or buying new curtains?  Think about all the little details also.

Speaking of the duplex, if you haven’t seen it already, here is the video on our latest project.  We are just about finished.  We have just a few more tweaks to make and it is all done!  I am currently putting together the resource list for you of everything we used and the prices we got everything for.


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