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Why the name “Frame to Freedom” you ask?  Well here is my long, crazy answer.  It was a concept my husband and I came up with when we decided we were going to start our journey to becoming debt free.  You know how people have vision boards to help them achieve their goals?  Well, this is our vision board to track all of our financial accomplishments.  All of our receipts for paid off “BIG” purchases go in our frame.  It is really a way for us to stay accountable to our future goal of having the freedom we desire.

Looking at our frame is a daily reminder that we have chosen a life of intentionality. We decided that our future and our freedom to do what we want is more important than “stuff” that we don’t really need.  we decided to live our lives to the fullest…on a budget… and yes it can be done!

We decided to invest in our future by starting another business a couple years ago because we knew we wanted that for our future.  We dove head first into real estate in 2012 and we keep growing our business through investing because we desire the freedom it will give us.  We are committed to paying off the debt from our business along with our personal debt and we have already accomplished tons in just a little over a year.

Being able to live our lives on our own terms is our focus.  The beauty of this journey is that we keep growing.

So what is freedom?   Freedom is not caring what others think and living the life you have always dreamed of.  Freedom is taking small steps toward the future you deserve.  Freedom is loving the life you have while pursuing the life you want.  Freedom is not being consumed with stuff, but being consumed in the valuable relationships around us.   Freedom is paying off debt so you have no financial obligations, but your money all comes to you.

YEP, sounds sweet, right?   Stick around and I will give you some tips on how we are going about designing our future. You know, all the good stuff like cheap healthy recipes, inexpensive family trips, kids stuff, real estate and more. Go on over and subscribe to my newsletter and I will let you in on steps you can take to design your future.




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