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Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse at something before you make commitment?  Yeah, I know me too.  Well, today I am going to give you a little sneak peak at my precious resource library- aka the VIP Subscriber Club.  I have literally spent hours on this library full of goodies and you totally get a sneak peak of what is in the library.  It is kind of like taking it for a test drive.

As a member of the Club, here is what you will have access to:

100 Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses

If you are looking to save hundreds just on cutting your bills, I am here to tell you it is possible and I have included 100 ways to cut monthly expenses to help you in the money saving process.  This is the first step we took on our debt pay off journey and it was a game changer.


100 Things You Can Sell for Money +75 Services You Can Provide for Money (Legally of Course)

I always get scared about adding the 75 “services” part.  They are totally legal.  I promise.  Here is a sneak peak into that section.  Did you even know that you have 100 things around the house you can sell for money?  Well, maybe you don’t have all 100, but I bet you have some of the items listed.  Selling your personal belongings won’t make you rich, but it can help you get started in the debt payoff process.  Or it the stuff can be used as leverage for other stuff (free course on leveraging money coming soon.  You can sign up for the waiting list here.)  You can sign up for the VIP Subscriber Club resource library here.

175 ways to make extra money

An Expense Sheet

This is a sheet you use to track the last 30 days of your expenses.  This is the first step you take in the Rockstar Budgeting Email course which is a free course where you will learn:

  1.  Where your money is going
  2. How to start a budget that rocks and that is easy (with ways to cut your expenses)
  3. How to stay motivated to stick to a budget
  4. How to make more money
  5. Why you should seek financial freedom and why it is important for your future
  6. What is leveraging your money
  7. Final thoughts and recommendation

Here is an image of the Expense Sheet.

expense sheet

Free Checklist to a Better Budget

If you want to hit the ground running, use this checklist to really get going.  It is all the steps we took that really pulled us far out of debt.  We went from a negative net worth of $50,000 to a net worth of over $500,000 in under 4 years.  We used this checklist to work our way to paying off well over $100,000 in debt and we use real estate to improve our net worth.

budget checklist

This is a list of a few great things in the VIP Subscriber Club.  There is more and I will be adding more as I think of it.  Also, by becoming a member, you can take advantage of the helpful hints we use to have debt free holidays.  If you are ready to join the club, you can sign up here.

I love helping people reduce their bills, reduce their stress and live happier lives.  It is awesome to be able to experience happy moments in other people’s lives.  I would love it if you would join me and let me in on any happy moments you experience.



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These sheets will help you design the life you want!  Download the free sheets and answer the questions.  Then start setting goals based on the life you want to live!

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