Are you looking for fun ways to you show your loved ones you love them? You don't have to spend a lot of money to show someone you care. Here is list of great, simple Valentine's Day date ideas that are perfect on a budget!

Do you and your significant other celebrate Valentine’s day?  What do you typically do for the holiday to show your loved ones that you love them?  If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget this year, here are some simple Valentine’s Day date ideas that are sure to please.

I love romantic nights out, but honestly, the simple things make me the happiest.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money on V-Day to show your loved one you love them.  Instead, try paying attention to the little things they love and shower them with simple, sweet gestures this year.

If you have ever read the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, tune into that book and figure out what it is that truly means the most to your loved one.  I had the opportunity to read this book shortly after Greg and I started dating and I am really glad I did.  I think it really helps with communication in marriage.  Reading this book and understanding your significant other really helps to deepen your relationship and truly show the other person how much you value them.

In our society, we often assume we need gifts to feel appreciated and special when that really isn’t the case.  Sometimes all we need is an attentive ear or something done around the house to feel appreciated. Sometimes all we need is for the other person to just write a little note to say thanks for all you do or just take the time to create a nice evening at home.

That being said, here is a list of simple gestures and Valentine’s Day date ideas to show your loved one you love them while sticking to a budget.

17 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas and Gestures of Love

  1. Make them dinner- What do they love to eat?
  2. Write them a love note letting them know all the wonderful traits they have that you absolutely adore.
  3. Surprise them with a cup of coffee or breakfast in bed that morning- put the note from #2 on the tray you bring them for breakfast.  You get extra points this way:)
  4. If you want to buy flowers, buy a single rose instead of a bouquet.  It is just as special.
  5. Fill up the tub with a surprise bubble bath and light some candles.
  6. Give your loved one a massage
  7. Write them a poem
  8. Spend time with one another talking about the first night you met.  Set quality time aside to just spend with your loved one especially if that is their love language.
  9. Play your favorite board game- battleship anyone?
  10. Go through old photos together
  11. Exercise together
  12. Watch a movie together- maybe the first movie you watched as a couple.
  13. Play a card game with another couple
  14. Get together in a small group of other couples and play a dating game.  You get to learn about the other couples and you get to relive the story of how you two met.  It is fun for everyone!
  15. Have a fondue party- chocolate for Valentines day is perfect and not that expensive.
  16. Do a DIY project for the house
  17. Have a mini photo session with just you and your loved one.  There are some really great deals on picture packages around the holidays and the bonus is you have another memory.  It is better than blowing money on dinner for just one night.

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about spending money.  You can make it what you want it to be and don’t be afraid to spend it in whatever fashion you want.  Your relationship is unique and it deserves to be celebrated as such.


In the 5 Love Languages book, the 5 categories of showing love are:

  1. Quality time
  2. Verbal praise
  3. Physical touch
  4. Receiving gifts
  5. Acts of service


 My top 2 are acts of service and quality time.  I love spending time with Greg just reminiscing about how we met and where our future is headed.  I love when he makes the bed for me.  I know it sounds silly, but that little gesture means the world to me.  It shows me that he appreciates me because then I don’t have to make it.

Greg’s primary love language is Verbal Praise.  He likes to hear that I am proud of him and he needs that hear that he has my support.  If one of us doesn’t feel that our love language is being met, that is when our marriage suffers.  The key to getting back on track is to bring it up in a way that is non-threatening to your spouse.  Communication is key in having a successful marriage.

So here is the bottom line-  Holidays do not have to be based around money or things.  Valentine’s day is a day of love.  Just spending it with the one or ones you love can be enough of a gift.

I challenge you to get creative this year and think outside the box for Valentine’s day.  It could be fun.

What other unique Valentine’s ideas do you have?

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