Are you looking for ways to make money from home? This post lists several companies who hire people to work from home as well as other ideas for at home businesses. Click through to check it out!


Have you ever wondered if you could really make money from home?  Are there really legitimate companies that hire people to work from home?  In this digital age, there are lots of great ways to make money from home.

I mentioned on my Facebook page that I really feel a push for women wanting to stay home with their kids.


Ways to Make Money from Home:

Companies that Hire Remote Workers

I really believe that our society is going back to either single income families or that there will be more and more work at home positions.  Dual working families have to factor in so many different aspects of their life that it is crazy.  You literally have to consider:

  • time commuting to daycare/school
  • then time commuting to work
  • cost of daycare per month
  • how to take care of sick children or which parent calls off if a child is sick
  • cost of meals at school/daycare
  • packing lunch (you generally have to buy different food and cannot feed the kids leftovers from the night before!)
  • how to care for kids before and after school


I think that our society is realizing the added pressure that two income families face and I do see an influx of larger companies hiring more employees from home.  That is just my prediction.

Luckily there are already lots of great companies that hire remote workers.

Well known companies hire employees to work from home.  Companies like Dell, Apple, American Express and lots of other companies. There are several jobs hiring for customer service based positions also.

The Penny Hoarder posted about 12 sites you can check out and post your resume to find work from home jobs.  Sites like Indeed, Flex Jobs and Glassdoor.  When going to these sites, you choose a location and search “remote” and see what pops up (see the example below). For a list of all 12 sites that can help you find ways to make money at home, you can click here.  You can also check out 37 reasons why you should start a blog to find out why other bloggers decided to start a blog.




There are companies like J Crew, Express Jet, 1-800-Flowers, Alpine Access which are customer service based companies that hire at home workers.


You can find other great work from home jobs at Dream Home Based Work.

Forbes also has a huge list of 100 companies that hire people to work from home.

Run a physical business from your home

There are lots of moms that run a daycare out of their home.  Alternatively, you can start a photography business or  you could also do catering or run your own craft business out of your home.

Running a business from your home is one of the best ways to make money from home and be able to set your own hours.  You can have more control over your schedule and make some extra money.

What is it that you enjoy doing?  Always make that a priority when you are trying to figure out how to make money from home.  You want to make sure that you continue to stay motivated doing what you are doing.

Other services you could provide:

Cleaning business

Personal Assistant

Become a Health Coach or Life Coach

Personal Trainer



Become a Virtual Assistant

Sell stuff on Amazon

Tutor kids

There are literally tons of ways you can start your own business from your home.


Blogging is a legitimate way to make money from home.  You can read my first income report here.  Although I don’t make a full time income from my blog, there are plenty of people that I know that are making money through their blogs.  Suzi at Start a Mom Blog, Michelle at Making Sense of Cents, Rosemarie from The Busy Budgeter.  You have to have an entrepreneurial spirit and motivation to keep going among these other qualities for a successful blog.  I personally love blogging!   You can start a blog for as little as $2.95 per month with Bluehost by clicking on my link.



Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping involves companies paying you to act like a regular customer to give them feedback on how the company is doing as far as customer service.  Beware of the scammer sites.  Do not ever pay to join a mystery shopping company.  Make sure they are a member of the MSPA also.   Legitimate mystery shopping companies are:


Sinclair Metrics

Market Force



Survey Sites

If you are looking to just make a little extra money from home, it is possible to make $50-$100 from home or even when you are out and about.  A few sites I recommend are:  National Consumer Panel, Swagbucks, RewardTV,  Harris Poll, and Survey Junkie.

Start a Real Estate Business

My husband and I started investing in real estate back in 2011.  We borrowed from my 401K to buy our first house.  We also used up some cash we had on hand.  If you are interested in starting a real estate business, here a few basic ways that people make money in real estate.  Real estate is a great way to earn passive income.  We focus our strategy on long term rentals.  I actually quit my job recently to be a stay at home mom and work on my blog.  Real estate investing helped to make this possible.  You don’t have to have a lot of money to invest in real estate.  A great book to read if you don’t have a lot of cash available- The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner.  There are a lot of different strategies you an use to get into real estate investing and this book highlights those options well.

There are lot of ways to make money from home and I think it is now easier than ever to find some great opportunities.  I think it is really key to find something that you would enjoy doing first, then try to seek out those opportunities.




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