Ok.  So we talked about how Greg and I got started in real estate investing.  Now I am going to talk to you about why I love it!  So as I said, we got started with real estate in 2011.  We knew nothing about it originally. Greg knew more about it than I did initially (and he didn’t really know that much…lol).  So fast forward a couple years and now we see the benefit to building a real estate portfolio.  I really don’t think we ever thought this would be our future.  Maybe Greg did but I guess I never had the vision until we bought our second property in 2012.


From then on, I was “sold” on real estate.  With our second property, we had the opportunity to rehab one side of the duplex and it was  a lot of fun.  I loved choosing the paint colors, the carpet, picking out appliances, picking out tile for the bathroom, etc.  It was so much fun to put work in and see the results after the work was done.  Just to be clear, we do not do all the work ourselves.  Neither one of us knows much about rehab to be honest.  I can paint pretty well and I can design and choose colors, but plumbing and electrical… not my thing.  I will leave that to someone who knows what the heck they are doing!  We have learned some tricks of the trade now but we still get help often.  I know a lot of other investors who choose to do most things on their own and that is great.  For us, it just isn’t realistic at this stage in our lives.  One, we don’t know how to do some of the rehabbing that is necessary.  Two, we both work full time jobs.  Three, we have a family with 2 little boys that come first.  I am perfectly fine paying others for their expertise so I can have my family time.

We have a list of our go to people- furnace and air conditioning person, electrician, plumber, etc in case their is an emergency.  We have used the same people for years and we trust them.

For us, real estate equals freedom.   It is a way for us to make passive income while doing something that we love.  It is thrilling for us to look at regular listings or tax foreclosures and find great deals  ( more on tax foreclosures later).   We have purchased foreclosed properties that needed some work.  That can make people nervous but for us it was well calculated and worked out fine.  I will do a separate post on what to look for if you are thinking about buying a foreclosure later on.  So much to talk about…GAH!

Our goal is to not only be debt free in our personal life, but also in our business as soon as possible.  We are on track to make that happen and we are laser focused because it is that important to us!  It is part of our intentional living.  That is our motto.  We don’t just want to let life happen, we want to be intentional about it.

There are a bunch of ways to create passive income or even increase what you are bringing in now.  I will do a separate post with some details on this soon so stay tuned.  If you are interested in real estate, I will also go into detail in a separate post on how you can get started no matter where you are at in life.  In the meantime, there is a great website called biggerpockets.com that you can check  out.  There is a lot of information on the site and tons of people with very unique stories so check it out.  I have chatted with a few people on that site and everyone has been very nice.  By the way, there is so much to learn about real estate investing and we do not know it all, trust me.  We have done a lot of “on the job training” so I am just speaking from our experience.  Maybe it will be helpful to you in some way.

Listen, I know a lot of people look at us like we are crazy and there is no way they would even consider investing in real estate because it is too much work.  I get it.  It isn’t always easy.  It does require work and time and money.  But here is my message, don’t be afraid to be different.  Don’t be afraid to try something new and “take the stairs” even if it seems hard.  You never know how things are going to turn out.  Is the life you are living now the life you always imagined?  If not then consider what you want and start taking “steps” toward what you want.  You can do it!  You can create the life you want to live by living and spending intentionally.    Anyways, more on real estate soon!  Thanks for following!

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