Find out why I decided to quit my job and find out how we are making money from home to make up for my income.

I can’t believe I just typed the the words “Why I quit my job” as the title!  Yikes!  It is all a little scary for me and emotional to be very honest.  I decided to put in my letter of resignation with my current employer back in September- September 1st to be exact.  You may be wondering if I am earning enough from my blog to make a full time income from home and the answer is no.  I will explain later in the post how we are making enough to survive without my income.

I didn’t publicly post anything prior to this point as I am a contracted employee through the hospital in which I was working and I had to give a 3 month notice.  Greg and I have been working alternating days for over a year and it has definitely taken a toll on our family and personal lives.  We thought we would be doing the best thing for our kids to always have a parent home and for the most part, I still think this was an ok decision, except we never saw each other during this time.  At the time, we really thought it was the best decision, but over the past year, things started to get harder and harder.

We were struggling to find babysitters for weekday evenings and we were asking my sisters, our friends and Greg’s sister and niece to watch the kids a ton and we felt really bad about it.  It isn’t their responsibility to watch our kids because we work crazy hours.  It was also incredibly hard to find someone who would want to babysit only on evenings and weekends.  We have neighborhood kids who are old enough to babysit, but they were in sports and other activities.  Our sweet next door neighbor kept our kiddos sometimes, but again we felt terrible asking her.  We just felt like we needed a change… and a big one.


Finally, Greg’s company introduced a new contract in which he got a sizeable raise.  We were expecting the contract to be introduced, but we weren’t sure it would actually pass.  The raise was good, but there were other factors which were up in the air, but ultimately it passed.  Greg has worked as a Flight Attendant for 11 years and by getting a new contract, he got a raise and better hours which was a huge bonus for us.

We also sold one of our rental properties over the summer and used the money we got from that property to buy a new property outright.  That means, we make straight income (well, after we save some money each month for repairs) from that property.

Here is the other part to the story.  I have felt for a while that God is challenging me to really do something out of my comfort zone.  This blog is definitely a start, but he is really pushing me to do more. I knew in order to make a huge change (like quitting my job) we needed the financial back up for me to do so.

I made a deal with God.  You may think that is a bit crazy and I totally get it, but I read a book called The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and in the book, the author Edwene says that God will provide if you ask Him and believe in Him and I happen to believe that book (and in God).  Anyways, back to the story.

After reading that book, I set a date in my head and wrote my resignation letter ( I typed out my resignation letter in June and posted it on my wall in my office.)  I actually set the date for September 30th.  After Greg and I spoke more, we decided it was best for me to resign sooner.

Here’s the thing…. I really like my job and the people I work with, but I felt in my gut that God was calling us to have more balance as a family and we felt that God was really telling me it was time to let go of this job.

Shortly after we made this decision, fear set in.  I had so many questions and come up in my mind. “What are you doing?”  “Why are you putting additional stress on your family financially?”  “Are you going to contribute to paying off your debt or what?”  “You are being selfish for wanting to stay home with your kids.”  “Why don’t you just work part-time?”

These thoughts kept rolling through my brain and I looked for other positions that were part-time but none seemed to really fit what we ideally wanted.  I feel like I wasn’t made to be a mom that could do it all- work full or part-time, come home and cook dinner, clean, rush after work to be at an appointment for the kids, make sure I get them to and from daycare or school on time.  The responsibility lies on me most of the time also because when Greg is working- he is gone.  It is just me to handle everything.

My brain just got too overwhelmed.

So with all of that in mind and needing to really find a balance within our family, I quit my job.  Greg and I still freak out about it now and then and only time will tell if we can make it work with me being home full time or not, but I at least want to try to give my boys some sense of normalcy instead of me being away from them 3 nights per week and their Dad being gone the other 4 nights.  We are done seeing their tears because they miss us.

Over the summer, Greg and I talked about him quitting his job instead, but he looked at me and said “I really like my job and I can’t really see me quitting.”  Greg can’t imagine himself doing anything else and honestly he has a great job with great perks and the insurance is pretty awesome.  I don’t blame him for not wanting to leave.  As things got tougher with our family balance, that’s when we really started looking at my job and what we would need in order for me to quit my job.

Something cool happened though.  My employer asked if I would stay on to work as needed for the office.  I was very happy to be given the opportunity to stay connected to the awesome group I work with so that was very flattering for me.  Working as needed gives me the ability to still work as a PA, but with much less hours which is helpful for our family right now.


I asked God to provide some extra cushion in our budget to make this happen if this was His plan and he did that.  It didn’t happen overnight, but we kept praying for him to help us achieve the balance we needed and to show us a sign that this was the right decision.  He did just that and we couldn’t be more amazed (and overwhelmed!)

I am still in disbelief that I won’t be working a consistent schedule, but I am pretty excited to be able to spend more time with my kids and be able to attend school functions.

One thing I have learned over the years is that God really listens to our needs.  The best thing we can do when we are in a time of transition is pray and be silent.  Really take the time to listen to what God is telling you.  Be intentional with prayer and any circumstance you are facing can change.




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