We have literally talked about moving for 2-3 years off and on.  We have looked at houses constantly and talked about how fun it would be to look for houses together.  Greg and I each bought a house before we were married.  We still own his house as a rental and we live in the house that we bought.  We discussed moving several times, but it never truly felt like it was the right time to move.

We live in a great neighborhood with some really awesome neighbors and we feel very comfortable where we are.  Every time we talked about moving before, I had cold feet.  I really didn’t think we would ever be leaving the home we brought our newborn babies to…. until recently.

I feel like God has been preparing me for change over the past year.  I have decluttered our home and organized more over the past year than any other year and I remember sitting in our basement this past winter thinking that our time here was coming to an end.

In our relationship, Greg is definitely the one who loves change.  He loves the thought of adventure and risk.  I am the safe one in our marriage.  I prefer safety, peace and staying the same (most of the time anyways).

A few weeks back when the kids were all tucked in and sleeping, Greg and I had a chance to talk.  He blurted out “I think we should move.”  I had heard this come out of his mouth several times and most of the time I brushed it off thinking that he wasn’t serious and it wasn’t our time to move.

This time was different.  Deep down I felt the same desire that God needs us to be somewhere different.  He needs us to step out of our comfort zone just a bit.

We started pulling up houses and looking at them and dreaming about what our next house would be like.  He had specific standards about what he wanted in the next house and I had completely different thoughts about what I wanted.  Greg’s mind shifts so quickly.  It is a joke between his friends and I.  He has so many thoughts about what the future holds and he inadvertently blurts out every thought that passes through his brain.  Most of them never come to fruition and that is the joke.

From the moment we talked about moving, he literally had about 15 different scenarios of how things might play out.  What he wanted in our next house quickly got washed away over budget.  Then he thought maybe we could live in one of our rentals, then he thought maybe we could move out of state.

I think he gets nervous sometimes when big things like this start to happen.  We ended up talking to our pastor about this.  We wanted to make the right decision about where God needs us to be.  Our pastor told us to each sit and pray about our next house separately and then come together and talk about what we wanted in our next home.  Mine has always been the same.  I wanted a house where we can entertain and I want to pay less than market value.  I want to update our house to our liking that way it is truly ours.

I know in my heart that God wants us to stay in Canton.  I have no doubt about that.  We are moving more for Him now than we ever have.  We are taking risks that are only possible because of Him and I know He needs us here.  I have absolutely no doubt about that.

Where we would live in this area, I still had no clue.  We had 3 school districts in mind since Joey would be starting school at the end of August.

We looked at several houses and to be honest, I was comfortable with spending a bit more to get our dream home, but Greg is more practical than I am (which is a good thing).  He really wanted something that wouldn’t cost too much more than our home now, but that we could make our own.  And he wanted something that was a good investment.

After looking at several high priced homes, our realtor told us about a gem of a house not too far from where we currently live.  She drove us there that night to look at it and initially, I don’t think either one of us fell in love with the house.

It is in good condition, but it does need some cosmetic revamping for sure.  The kitchen is VERY outdated and not open at all.  The bathrooms are straight outta the 70’s.  But after bringing our contractor through the house with us and seeing the potential of what we could make the house, we both started to get very excited.

We put in a low ball offer because the house had been on the market over a year and it is bank owned.  Needless to say, we had to negotiate a while, but we got the house at a very decent price!  I can’t wait to do a video to show you what the house looks like and our plans to totally change the appearance!

To be honest, there are so many emotions with this move.  We are leaving the home we brought our newborn babies to.  Joey is getting anxious about leaving the neighborhood and his friends here.  We are slowly packing our belongings preparing for our new home.  It is mixed with excitement, nervousness, and apprehension even though we are just moving 10 minutes away.

I think that change is important though.  I think that it is good to take a step out of comfort zones to see how it makes you closer to God.

This move will also be a bonding experience for our family as we get to do it together.  We get to decorate rooms together, pick out appliances together, get our hands dirty in renovation together for our house this time.

As I held Joey last night when he told me he didn’t want to leave this house, I told him that it is ok to be nervous.  I told him it is ok to be scared because his Mama is a little scared and nervous too.  I also told him that no matter what or where we are, we will always be a family and we will always have Jesus walking with us in this life.  It makes us a little less afraid when we know we aren’t doing life alone.



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