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Throughout the month of April, I will email you every week with tips on how to save money.  We will begin the money saving challenge at the beginning of May and complete the challenge at the end of July with the goal of saving $500.  You can save to pay down debt, take a vacation, save for Christmas or whatever you like.  How great would it be to do this as a group and support each other.  You can totally do this and we can encourage each other along the way.  Join the Private Facebook Group and we will start saving money together!

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This free download will help you jumpstart your week by picking 3 areas of your life to organize every Sunday.  Laminate it and use it over and over again!

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Do you struggle to set goals?

These sheets will help you design the life you want!  Download the free sheets and answer the questions.  Then start setting goals based on the life you want to live!

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